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No matter how passionate one is about Zimbabwe, one should not tie one's happiness to the success of the Zimbabwean story. It's going to be a long and gruelling yet satisfying road to progress. The solution is not going to come overnight. There will be several setbacks and disappointments. There will be days that feel like defeat. There may also be recurring failures.

None of that should stop one. As someone once said, we have to keep fighting - day in, day out, blow after blow. We don't know which blow will be the fatal one. Leaving the boxing match is not an option - through blood, through sweat, through tears, through arrests, through bans and through brutality. We have to keep going - when momentum is high and when it is low.

But, life is happening as we fight. Flowers are blooming. Babies are being born. Art remains art. Family surrounds us. Spring is turning to summer. Home cooked meals remain sumptuous. Gardening remains a pastime. Good health is still wealth. Wildlife and nature remain a sight to be hold. Reading and writing are still a worthwhile sanctuary. Sunsets are still glorious.

There is beauty to be savoured in the madness. It's so critical at this time to ensure one's happiness is internally driven; it mustn't be suspended in the hope of 'better days' to come. Beauty does not cease to be beauty just because it's seated in madness.

The madness will end but beauty springs eternal.

Let's make Zimbabwe great again. #thisflag

Fadzayi Mahere

Watchdog !!

With a scarce 9 weeks until Christmas, it's time to call on our wonderful
friends to once again support the children.

The GOOD HOPE Children's Christmas party will be held in early December
and Betty Chiwambo and her team are appealing for food donations -
Juice, bread, jam, crisps, sweets, oil, margarine, soya mince, dried beans,
dried kapenta. Anything that you feel would make for a happy Christmas
lunch for approximately 300 children who are cared for by Betty.

Please contact Leila Hunt on 09 203022 or cell 0773 028812 or
Betty Chiwambo on 09 482638 cell 0773 743671
We can collect if that helps!
Thank you