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The African Child

I was born, grew and flourished in a tawny golden bowl
Of Africa, among ramparts of tumbled granite rocks,
Where antelope passed in painted frieze
Under a pale, bleached sky, eagles floating;
A sky that turned torrid and flaming at day's end,
Then filled with pinpricks of glacial light
The Southern Cross spread constant across the sky,
As the world turned childhood slow in the indigo night.
I tumbled breathless, tear-streaked and dusty
From rough-coat, bony bongolo/donkeys,
Feet stuck with paper thorns, devil thorns,
Arms scratched and bare - never thought to wear shoes.
Africa tripped me over, thumped me, loved me,
Washed me in warm brown flowing rivers,
Sandbars rising, sinking, slow windmill
Turning, clanking , tangling my heart,
Caught for all time in the wait-a-bit thorns.
I will never be free, though the grey loerie
Calls 'Go 'way, go 'way', and I did.


Edith Duly is Bulawayo's only private nursing home and is situated on our own land, within the Coronation Cottage Complex on Fife Street extension.

This year we celebrate 50 years of service to the community, to both men and women, elderly and no so old. Admittance to the Home is usually for persons over the age of 60 years, but we quite often make exceptions for younger persons with special needs - stoke and accident victims, diabetics with complications, epileptic sufferers etc.

We have a total of 63 beds available within varying accommodation options, being 4 to 6 bed wards, private en suite and private with communal ablutions. We also have a limited number of units suitable to elderly couples. Our care ranges from basic daily attendance to ensure correct administration of medications and personal hygiene and well being, to full on 24 hour frail care nursing assistance. The global financial crisis has had an impact on most Homes in Zimbabwe and occupancy is lowered in general, but at Edith Duly we are happy to report that our numbers are currently at an acceptable 50 residents.

Those that are sufficiently mobile, are encouraged to partake of their meals in the dining room so as to enjoy fellowship with other residents and the lounge has satellite television reception. We are well supported by caring church groups and individuals who come regularly to give pastoral care and entertainment. Individual birthdays are remembered with a token gift given to each resident. Christmas is a very important date on the calendar and the Home is bedecked in festive splendour from early December. Christmas Day lunch is a wonderful treat for all.

Edith Duly is run by an Administrator and two Matrons and is overseen by a Board of Trustees. We have a vegetable garden and the grounds are spectacular - the gardens are much admired by all who visit. The kitchen and laundry units are well supervised and all daily requirements are carried out in-house. At Edith Duly, residents enjoy a well balanced diet with ample quantities of fresh vegetables and fruit and dessert is served twice a day! The fee structure includes board, lodging, laundry and nursing care and doctors visit regularly in a private as well as welfare capacity.
Contact us direct on email or call Leila or Precious on (9) 203022 or 205825