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Doing the laundry in a first world country definitely has its merits!! It's fast and efficient and the washing machines are undoubtedly akin to aeronautical technology! However they do need a degree in applied science to operate and the tumble dryers are a cross between magnetic levitation and bio engineering!!

The only thing they have not managed to programme into a tumble dryer is the smell and feel of a line dried towel!!

I know I am a graduate from the university of Technological Obsolescence but no tumble dryer in the world can emulate the smell of washing dried on a line in the sunshine - if only I could bottle that smell!

The first world manufacturers of scents and smells are pretty good, I have to admit that. The smells that emanante from these modern tumble dryers are superb. 'Fresh linen' 'Sweet dreams' and 'Pure Sport' to name but a few... but the pundits tell us that these glorious scents are actually not good for us!!

I quote !!
'Ever wonder why more first worlders are getting Alzheimer's earlier than ever before I suspect it's all the toxic chemicals they are breathing in all day on their clothes, and all night from their sheets and blankets. These toxins go straight to their brain's most sensitive neurological centers and wreck havoc. You simply can't assault the most delicate and sensitive part of your body - the mastermind of all your body's other functions -and not affect your health.' End of quote!

Whatever happened to mother nature's sunshine-dried laundry Many first world households do not even have a washing line !! Too hot, too cold, not enough room, not enough time!! Clothes are washed in a high speed dryer and then thrown into an even higher speed dryer!! No problem with this if needs must but aaaah, never forget that glorious smell and feel of a line-dried towel!

I refuse to put my third world cotton clothes in the tumble dryer ! Zim clothes were made to shrink and there is absolutely no room in my clothes for even the tiniest amount of shrinkage!! They are already stretched to their elastic limit.

Third world life has its drawbacks I must admit, - Mother insisted that all clothes needed to be ironed in Zim because of the dreaded 'putsy fly' !! Well no decent, self respecting creature of any description, would ever be found in a perfectly air conditioned first world home, so no need to worry about that old adage.

Of course no one can underestimate the fact that a tumble dryer leaves the clothing nice and smooth and little or no ironing is needed thereafter!

On the other hand, however nice, aromatic and cuddly a tumble dried outfit may feel and smell, no one can knock the benefits and tactile sensation of a well ironed shirt or blouse!

Now don't get me wrong, I am now knocking the lifestyle of millions of First Worlders, I am just sublimely grateful that my 'mother nature's tumble drier' aka sunshine has no electricity charge and that I can luxuriate in the smell of a line dried jumper filled with the smell of glorious outdoors and sunshine!!