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All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. - Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Every Zimbabwean has the right, regardless of colour, creed, tribe, language, wealth, location, religion, race, sex or age to feel free, safe and proud to stand up and be counted as a Zimbabwean. We all have the right to stand shoulder to shoulder and hold our heads high, as a resourceful, dynamic and successful society. Each and every one of us matters, we are owed the right to vote, to work, to live and to be happy in the nation of our birth. These are the fundamental rights of every human alive in the world today, and we as Zimbabweans are born with these rights. No man, woman, government or institution has the right to take this right from us, and we stand together to be counted as a united Zimbabwe, steadfast in our duty to free our country from a single party political dictatorship, to become a proud, vibrant and significant democratic African State.

1 Million Zimbabwean Voices is neither ZANU PF, nor ZAPU, nor MDC - M, nor MDC - T, nor New Dawn. We have no political allegiance to any Party of the Zimbabwean Political Establishment. 1 Million Zimbabwean Voices is merely the combined and unified voice of every Zimbabwean that demands to be a part of recovery and reclamation of Zimbabwe by its true owners; The Zimbabwean People.

As the sun sets on a tired and feeble regime, the opportunities are endless. Now is the time on the eve of National Elections for Zimbabweans World Wide to come together, to unite in organisation, ally with each other, unify in voice and work together to change Zimbabwe for the better. Now is the time to accept that talk is cheap, complaining endlessly will only discourage us, and realise that the International Community are not going to fix our country, while we watch and wait from the sidelines. The chance for every Zimbabwean man and woman, black and white to gather together from the Diaspora to right here in Zimbabwe, and make change happen together. Join the wave, make a difference.lend your voice!

UK first fundraising event in Leicester 25th September 2010 from 1200hrs till late.