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Its fine when my good friend Beth embellishes on her "wipe out" on the ski slopes. Beth is young, slim, fit and quite gorgeous in her lime green snow ski gear!! Its quite something else when an old Doris like me takes on the rigours of the ski slopes. "Wipe Outs" are not quite so glamorous.

Snow skiing "aint for sissies" it needs limbs that will bounce back, knees that are rubberized, arms that are not likely to be pulled from their sockets. All the above no longer belong to the likes of me and HeeHoo !!

And it doesn't help that our ski gear is only used every four years, by which time, we have seriously outgrown it, or the elastic has turned to barbed wire, and the foam in the goggles is disintegrating and causing huge eye anguish.

Apart from that the journey to the ski slopes takes 13 hours overnight which already puts a strain on the old bod !!

Nothing daunted, we sallied forth once again with out family and nieces and nephews, to conquer the slopes of Red River Ski Resort in New Mexico.

Now old bones at minus thirty two degrees metamorphosize somehow, they become more brittle, all the aches and pains that summer climes keep at bay, emerge with vicious teeth !!

Somehow the young will fall, bounce twice and jump back on the skis in seconds, oh to be young again. Now snow skiing is not difficult, it just takes guts, the problem comes in the dismount from the ski lifts!!

The poor benighted ski patrol was hard pushed to cope with the geriatrics on the nursery slopes, let alone the same geriatrics when we progressed higher up the slopes!!

Brother in Law David took the oscar for the most embarrassing moment when his psychedelic pink ski pants fell down for want of a pair of braces! And Yours Truly took the title of Most Ignominious Moment, when the gorgeous young Ski Patrol medic was tasked with fixing two "crook" knees which resulted in a free ride down the mountain in the ambulatory sled!!

But we came home triumphantly with three more ardent young skiers, who learnt to ski on the gentle slopes of the Red River Ski Resort in New Mexico.