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Eveline High School Eveline Centenary Sept 2010 Eveline Centenary Eveline Centenary    
Eveline Centenary Eveline Centenary Eveline Centenary

Eveline High School in Bulawayo celebrated its Centenary on Friday 24 September 2010. The fabled quadrangle was filled to overflowing with students, staff, guests, and old girls, and there was even a giant birthday cake for the occasion.

Senator David Coltart Minister of Education was the guest of honour and we "Old Girls" all had lumps in out throats remembering our own glorious days at Eveline School so many years ago.

Several of the girls even had the old school Boaters with the maroon hat band, although the much more practical brown floppy hat has taken its place. The summer uniform is the same, that beautiful turquoise blue with that irritating belt ... and the blazers were the same although unnecessary in the boiling hot sun.

The theme was " Hundred years existence - 1910 to 2010 - celebrating diversity in the school system" and the school has great plans for the future.

The girls were beautifully behaved, sitting patiently during the speeches, songs and dramas, and the Senator broke the ground for the new IT Centre planned for the school in the next couple of years. The staff were elegant and professional in their mortar boards and gowns and the future of the school is in good hands.

Several groups of "Old Girls" and local companies made generous donations to the Eveline Rehabilitation Project which includes a giant recreation and conference centre on the playing fields over the road from Langdon House, where we once used to hold our sports days. I can even remember some of the names of the houses. Ours was Gladstone, then there was Buxton, Langdon, Northwood, Mackintosh, oops can anyone help me out ? There were 8 in all if I remember.

Milton High had its centenary too this week, a whole week of festivities which I gather were enormously successful. However, we Eveline Girls, as was always the case in the past, were far more ladylike in our celebrations!!

The old memories may have gone but we Eveline Girls still do our best to remain "Upright and True"...

I have posted some anniversary photos on the Morning Mirror website www.morningmirror.africanherd.com/