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London Grumbling:

(Good reasons for Staying Put in Zimbabwe !) From an ex Zimbabwean living in London.

Freebies:- The daily London Metro newspaper is free - the adverts pay for the newspaper.

BUT... in London, there's always a catch:- you have to go down to any Underground train ticket-hall to pickup a free newspaper, and it STINKS down there.

Stinks - of hot, fowl, sweaty air, breathed out by 7 million commuters coming into London through the stuffy tunnels every morning.

So, standing on the street, you have to take in a deep breath, then run as fast as your little legs will carry you, down the escalators to the ticket hall, grab a FREE newspaper, and pushing, shoving, through the crowds, dash back up the broken escalators and outside into the fresh air - contaminated only with thick black diesel fumes from taxi's and busses!

Oh! My kingdom for some fresh Bulawayo air!

Politics:- The rigged British Elections will be on 5/5/5. At a By-election last year, they tried an experiment of "postal voting" for the masses.... However, a dozen of President-Blairs Labour Party thugs followed the postmen round & stole each ballot paper out of each persons post-box !

They ticked the "Labour" Box on the ballot paper and posted them off. Labour had a landslide victory, declared their postal voting experiment a success & have rolled it out nation wide for these elections!?! All the Provinces - Scotland, Wales, Cornwall etc. want total independence from England... but with President-Blair probably writing out his winning acceptance speech - they've got two chances!!

Today:- Is St George's day - England's National (independence) day - but do you think its a National Holiday? No Ways!!! Its a case of "Work harder you lazy sods!" There are so few Public Holidays in England - unlike Byo where I seem to remember getting at least one a month !!

Weather:- If you breath out smoke - its generally below 6'C.

On the way home last night I was breathing out smoke - it was FREEZING cold!!! And Central London is usually 3 or 4 degrees C warmer than surrounding districts!

Spring is over, summer is on its way, the cherry trees are out in pink blossom... HOWEVER the warmest place at home is still inside my fridge !! BRRrrrr... I've forgotten what its like to be warm again. Enjoy the heat in Bulawayo.

Moan, grumble, moan...