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Shehoo Must Sing took us to the island of Lamu in Kenya for her birthday.

Now this beautiful archipelago island has been given a bad name recently by virtue of the fact that a French National was kidnapped there supposedly by Somali pirates.

As we all know one swallow d s not make a summer but poor old Lamu's tourism was instantly condemned to death by the international community and tourism has slowed to a trickle. BUT on the upside, we virtually had this whole glorious archipelago to ourselves in all its glory.

The Kenyan government d s not mess around and the security was beefed up so much that nary a scary pirate could get within a hundred miles of the island.

It was just too glorious, we stayed at Lamu House Hotel in the Old Town of Lamu where we felt transported back two thousand years into world of the moors, portuguese traders, dhows and donkeys.

Lamu House is run by two Belgian Nationals - Frank and Marianne and this charming pair could not do enough for us. Our beds were four posters, draped with muslin, our view was of the fishing harbor where vast masted fishing boats pled their way into the port. Two elegant kikois were draped artfully on the beds for our personal use.

There are but three cars in Lamu - the ambulance, a military trucks and a tractor ! The streets are so narrow that only people and donkeys can pass.

Donkeys carrying giant panniers of bricks and sand struggled their loyal little way past the hotel daily, looking longingly at the donkeys in the donkey sanctuary who were feeding on real food and antibiotics !

Visions of harems, sheiks, and belly dancers once abounded, but now Lamu has a tightly sewn up Islamic community and one is firmly advised against bare shoulders and short skirts in the streets.

There are many pristine and expensive hotels around the archipelago, where famous names like Angelina Jolie and Princess Caroline are whispered in awe as regular visitors.

Lamu House Hotel however was not expensive, it was just perfect.

The beaches are exquisite, miles and miles of magnificent golden sands, manicured and loved, the Kenyans know how to make the utmost of their touristic attractions.

The daily fare was lobster, prawns, calamari and then more lobster and the people in the hospitality industry were smiling, welcoming and attentive.

One of the safest and most beautiful island retreats in Africa - Lamu, Kenya

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