It was the final ignominy.          - 19/10/2011      <--Prev : Next-->

The Boks had been driven out of the world cup rugby, and I was saddled with an ecstatic chirping Aussie family for the whole week !!

Gleeful quips were flowing ad nauseum. Things like "Well at least we don't eat our national emblem !" (We had dined on Springbok Terrine the night before, bad mistake!!")

Poor HeeHoo was in a bad way back at home and needed some serious wifely counseling, placatory text messages were just not doing the trick !!

Even sticking pins in the straw effigy I had made of the ref were not healing the awful wounds ....
Words like supremacy, possession, total domination fell on deaf Aussie ears, I was beside myself with mortification and distress.

The friendly ribaldry prior to the game had been fun. We knew without question that we would be victorious of course, much jesting and mocking was the order of the day.

It takes a brave Aussie to enter into Bokke Heartland on the eve of the Big Game don't you think? We girls were decked in full SA regalia of course and not to be outdone, the hapless Aussi supporter tried in vain to find a Wallaby shirt. However sadly for him, no self respecting Gauteng shop would even consider carrying any Aussi supporters yellow garb and he shunned the offer of some bright canary yellow Bafana Bafana strip !!

Sadly the Kruger park was festooned with real springbok pelts at all the curio stores, was it a bad omen after all ? Zebra skins are bad enough but Springbok skins should perhaps be banned in World Cup years!!

Every billboard, ever banner, every advert screamed at us "Touch , pause, engage" And the cleverest hoarding I saw was for a diamond store which featured a giant diamond ring with the wording "Crouch, pause, engaged"......

Indeed SA has some very clever advertising agencies but sadly 2011 was not our year and I had to endure merciless ribbing and ragging for a whole week of misery.

Poor old Kevin McCullum, sports writer for the Star, I follow him on Twitter and enjoy his electric humour, but even he could not cheer HeeHoo up after the saddest day when we were ejected from the 2011 Rugby World Cup.