Morning Mirror Edition 284 - 13/4/2008

***Monday 14/4/08 Mags has just been released on bail this afternoon. Click here for an update.***

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Mags is sleeping in Jail tonight...

We apologise for the late production of the Morning Mirror!

Regrettably I have to advise that Margaret has been thrown in Jail for practising as an unaccredited journalist! She was arrested on Thursday and as I write this she is still being held at the Sauerstown Police station. Her arrest is purely political and I would ask that if you have the capability, that you contact your Congressman / Local MP / Local Police. I believe that the greater the reaction and outrage shown at this totally unwarranted incarceration of a sixty year old Bulawayo born and bred woman who has contributed hugely to the social fabric of Bulawayo, the sooner she will be released.

She is in fine spirit giving any senior official hell, and being extremely well treated by her handling officers. It appears that virtually every police / prison official she deals with is supportive of her, but unfortunately, they are answering to a much higher power.

Obviously we are cashing in all our chips to ensure her early release but anything you are able to do to assist, will be most appreciated.

I detail below various links that can be accessed through the website - The Zimbabwe Situation.

Thank you
Rick Kriel
rickkriel @ mac. com

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