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I will always remember going to a concert in Fort Worth Texas. It was a country rock concert and the audience comprised a very wide range of people.

As it was our first Texas concert, we arrived early and found our "posse" quite near the front, spread our blanket, erected our chairs and as we were third worlders, worked out a roster of who would stay and guard the picnic things.

But no one else stayed. Blankets were spread, items were placed in an orderly fashion, no ones blanket encroached on his neighbors, it was all extremely civilized, and the concert-goers then went off en masses to enjoy the peripheral activities before the show started !!

Good gracious said Brother In Law David, come on y'all and lets get some doughnuts and a corn- dog, no one steals in Texas !!

The other amazing thing that always stuck in my mind, was that, once the evening's festivities were over, there was not one tin can, not one packet or plastic bag, not one crumb, left on the lawn, it was as if no one had ever been there that night .....

Well last Saturday we went to the Johannesburg Country Club with our dear friend Matt, and although we went in a tiny bit of fear and trepidation to our first rock concert in "Big Bad Jozie" to our utter delight, was an almost exact replica of the Texan concert!

Thousands of people spread their blankets, erected their chairs, and picnicked under the stars on a perfect spring night. Starlight Classics, hosted annually for Rand Merchant Bank guests and staff, this year featured the Drakensburg Boys Choir, The Joburg Symphony Orchestra, Johnny Clegg amongst an incredible array of South African Talent.

It was a superb evening, conducted by choirmaster Richard Cock it featured talent before the much anticipated World Cup next year. One of the most amazing parts of the show were the "Twenty Tenors" some of them ex Drakensburg Boys, but what a hit they will be in 2010, and of course there was that incredibly talented pair Judith Septum & @ZwaiBala on stage.

Wow, visitors to South Africa next year for the soccer will have some excellent safe and secure treats in store for them I can promise if last night's magical experience was anything to go by.

And still talking Twenty Ten, I certainly hope Zimbabwe will get some of the rub off from the World Cup. We live there, we feel safe there, we love our country and would love to show you the sights and sounds of real Africa.

We can give you lists of safe, secure hotels, Safari Lodges, Bush Camps, tours and travel guides, where you will experience the real raw Africa that still exists in Zimbabwe.

I am planning an edition of the Mirror with the names and e mail addresses of all the places we know to be good value, with good food, and people who genuinely care about your comfort and safety.

E mail me on for your conducted tour around Zim next year for the World Cup Soccer and make sure you include Zimbabwe in your World Cup package.