Thank Goodness!

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Thank goodness for Ethiopian Airways!

Through thick and thin during the pandemic, they never stopped flying. Even now, with the scary talk of conflict with the Tigrayans, they continue to fly. The onslaught of talk in the media has discouraged most airlines from flying but Ethiopian Airlines has never faltered.

They have a lovely newish International Terminal with an abundance of restaurants, coffee houses, duty free shops and lounges. Its a pleasure to fly through Addis Ababa to ones destination especially with the great service received during the flights. The flight attendants are superb, the food most tasty, and full marks to this airline for keeping the travel flag flying.

Christmas 2021 was a debacle for travellers worldwide, families torn apart, thousands of flights cancelled, but Ethiopian Airlines remained serene, unruffled and tranquil through it all.

The airline took a mighty knock when the 737 Max crashed outside Addis Ababa in 2019. My daughter 'She Who Must Wear Kevlar' was the very first journalist on the scene, and this awful scene will remain with her and hundreds of people worldwide forever.

Full marks to this spunky airline from a spirited country with so much impressive history.



For January we need to pay tuition for 123 extra orphans and underprivileged children around the country. These poor children are not part of the feeding schemes. The sponsor an orphan is whole other programme we have going around the country.

You will also be pleased to hear that kitchen number five has been given permission by local authorities , we are now looking at feeding up to 1500 daily.

If you would care to help pay school fees under the 'adopt-an-orphan' scheme, please contact Iris Mhlanga on +263 772241552 or e mail

When you do Gods work he provides for all your needs. This is an appreciation post just to say thank you to the Bulawayo community, who continue to support us in one way or another, big or small . With your help, Team Nozizwe and Mustard Seed are now feeding up to 1500 underprivileged children per day and Team Nozizwe is sponsoring tuition for over 400 orphans .
Thank you for caring