How many layers

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When one is born in the tropics, one gets out of bed and puts on exactly 2 items of clothing!! Shorts and shirt! No need for shoes, no need for socks. As one gets older maybe a couple of underwear garments appear necessary, and one's mum always yells 'have you got a hat'!

Our backyards provided every bit of entertainment we ever needed. Trees which needed climbing to get the apples and oranges, fences to balance on and walk along, taps from which to drink, veggie gardens upon which to snack, shade to rest in, mud to play in, wide yards as soccer fields, washing lines as badminton nets.

A lengthy visit to the Arctic Circle has been very stressful for us Africans!! 'Sweden has a glorious week of summer' the pundits say, and the remaining 51 weeks require a lot of effort!!

The amount of effort one spends dressing and undressing oneself is exhausting. One is never 'cold' in Sweden one is merely 'badly dressed'!!

The homes are divine, as warm as toast, but stepping out of doors requires massive effort. The golden rule is 'three layers' meaning fine pure merino long johns and long sleeved top, two pairs of wool socks, a warm woollen jumper preferably cowl necked, a pair of warm lined trousers, and on top of that snow and rain proof leggings. The outer coat is a full length 100% down parka with a hood, although a double lined woollen beanie is also advisable plus a woolen scarf or even a Balaclava !! Boots, fur lined, waterproof and slip proof !!

Give yourself half an hour for this exercise, or if you have a five year old, count on about an hour!! That requisite snow suit requires a lot of cajoling, pushing and pulling!!

Ah but now back in Bulawayo and happily clad in shorts and tee shirts once again!!


Nicolas Dean - God Bless you from Nozizwe Mother of Nations. We would love your e mail address for a thank you letter from Nozizwe.

For those of us living beyond Zimbabwe's borders, what a joy it is to receive the MM.
Our minds are jogged. The smell of Downing's, wet school shoes in the one pm rain, hot tar. A spectrum of memories filled with Matopos and New Year. Ball room dancing at the City Hall, tea and cake at Haddon's.
We learn of the latest game count at Hwange or remember the Termite Colonies of Suburbs. Still more has shown us the ups and downs of living in foreign lands both warm and artic.
With each new arrival of our MM, home flows over us. A treasured mantle that drifts gently down, down, into our toes. Listening quietly, we can hear those Jacarandas popping underneath.
More importantly the MM delivers to us real-time home. Now-now home. It's happening tomorrow home. A glimpse into the Bulawayo day. With musical performances, black gold compost and the SPCA.
In this new year of 2022, I would like to show appreciation to Team MM. For their continued selfless efforts, hard work and dedication to the MM cause.

Know this. Your work brings smiles and a tear every Tuesday.

With special wishes from Tony and Annetta Holmes (SA)