Broken Hearts

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I cannot believe how many broken hearts there are all over the world right now with the new covid restrictions.

Flights to and from the entire Southern African region cancelled, draconian new quarantining and testing laws, the debacle is so harrowing for families who have already not seen one another for over two years.

Everyone has a sorrow, Grannies, Grandpas, children, grandchildren, dogs and cats. The tales are too heart rending and history will hang its head in shame.

Plans have been made for months, nay years, excited children, ecstatic grandparents, anxious parents. Plans to visit the Falls, The Kruger, Hwange, the Cape, and most of all...plans to GO HOME after 24 months of absence.

Top Virologists are pleading with the powers that be, that all this is just not necessary, but no one wants to take responsibility. Governments make sweeping, statements and draconian laws and then cannot implement them, it's an absolute fiasco and it's yet another blow that has brought loneliness, desperation, sorrow heartache and grief.

Where will it all end.



'A Home of our Own'

First Aid Box

Folding Gazebo
Box of Bond Paper
Box DL Brown Envelopes
4 Manilla Folders
Pens, pencils, Crayons

Signage x2
Business Cards 100
Patient ID Cards 100

Screen printing of logo on to masks & Tshirts

Cash for Data/Airtime/Transport Volunteers
Cash or Coupons for fuel for Home Visits

Our Day Care Centre will be open every Thursday afternoon 2 to 4pm from today till the 16 Dec,
42 Park Road Suburbs

Cherylyn Young
0712 633 701
Sifiso Agbetorwoka
0775 369 910

email -

Nozizwe - Mother of Nations

Nozizwe is involved in the feeding of over 700 Little People every week in Bulawayo at several distribution points.
They are looking for catering equipment - extra large stock pots, 70 litre pots and large 3 legged cast iron pots plus an industrial gas cooker and gas bottle.

They are slowly building up a collection .... but they need help

Mobile - Iris Mhlanga - 0772241552