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I am thinking of opening my own detective agency in Bulawayo.

It was an idea that the "Mayoress of Parklands" - Veronica Hopkins - gave me.

Veronica, on her morning jog, would come across mounds of trash dumped in the veld and she would root through it to find a clue as to the initiator of the trash. An initial visit with evidence to the culprits would usually suffice but if it did not, she would be off to the City Health Department with evidence of the misdemeanor.

Now the "Mayoress of Park Road" and I walk every morning, and we are always astounded at the amount of rubbish being dumped on the periphery of Suburbs. It became so bad that the City Council had to send in ten ton lorries and front end loaders to move the garbage.

But still it came in giant disgusting stinking mounds.

Now of course first prize would be for the City Council to resume weekly refuse removals, and I believe they have more dump trucks and might be working on employing a private company to do this.

But until then the MAGFLOR DROSS DETECTIVE AGENCY has sprung into being. Its really no fun scrabbling through one s neighbors midden, but needs must, and we are having surprising results.

Evidence is always there, a prescription packet, a ZESA bill, an envelope with a name and address. Initially its a friendly note to the quisquillian household suggesting that they perchance are unaware that their gardener is dumping rubbish on the verge ?

And then if that does not do the trick, a note is sent, plus evidence to the City Health Department.

This results in a visit from a charming BCC employee who is quite willing to accompany one to the offensive scavenge site, and he is quite happy to rummage through dross to find a clue as to the dumpster perp !!

Fines are heavy: $50 for littering and $300 for dumping in green areas under the administration of Parks.

Community Policing is the one way we can catch such offenders and residents must report incidences by calling the Cleansing Superintendents office on: 09 72569/65532.

No burning of litter is permitted without the approval of the Fire Department. Again offenders will be liable to a fine of up to $400 if the Fire Department responds to a fire alarm.

Many people do not believe that there is a monthly refuse collection service. The scheduled dates are available for all areas of the city. Additional Refuse Compactors are to be added to the fleet shortly. Council is busy restoring its capacity which was down to only ONE for the whole city (CBD only) and now exceeds 12.

Be wary of bogus and unlicensed Refuse Collectors, some of whom dump on the city's outskirts creating a major problem. These operators have to be licensed and approved by the City's Health Department and we should all ask to see this documentation before engaging in business.

I personally know of two registered refuse collectors J & M Refuse Removals Cell 0712 528 839 or 0775 574 330 and WASTE AWAY - HOUSEHOLD REFUSE REMOVAL 282051 or 0712 311 554 or 0774 658 375.

Their charges are fair and if the folk in Pauling Road with the new baby can afford the very expensive Pampers disposable nappies (which they dump at the end of the road regularly) they can afford $5 a week to have their trash taken to a registered sanitary landfill site.

In the words of"something created by man and to be resolved by man!!!"