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Stepping out in my Bata pata patas.

How I long to walk down Selborne Avenue in my Bata pata pata's not a care in the world.
Flip flopping along I would go to buy mangoes in the market on Lobengula Street.
Mealie cobs roasting on the side of the road. The sweet burnt aroma wafting up with the smoke into the blue African sky.
Sharing a watermelon with a friend on a hot sticky day
Pocket money well spent.
Eating a mango on the back stoep,
Biting into the sweet nectar - heavenly, ecstasy - yellow juice running down my chin - dripping on to my white t- shirt, in my tackies - sticky toes
Buying maputi with my last 5 cents.
Sneaking into my friend Sipho's house - Sun Jam sandwiches and sweet hot tea - made with condensed milk.
Bread so thick - door step sandwiches
Always welcome - always invited
The warm African heart
People who had nothing but shared all they had.
Later sadza, ration meat and green vegetables - chimolia or kale - served from the communal supper dish.
Township jazz on the transistor radio
Catchy, rhythmic - hypnotic.
Sipping opaque beer from a carton with Sipho's husband - tastes like sawdust and smells like Dad's masese he took on fishing trips.
I'm dead for sure if Mom finds me!
Completely content - completely at home
Then going down the garden path
Kicking off my stompie slippers
My pata patas and tackies will be waiting for me tomorrow
Like old friends.
Which one 's will I take on my travels ?
Oh what stories they will tell when we return
But for now I bid them Good Night
Cyndi. Barker Botha