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It's quite a task to keep up with Iris Mhlanga, she is a tall statuesque woman, but she moves with the gait of a feather when the needs of the Community are involved.
Today a call to assist a family whose house has burnt down, tomorrow a message to garner help for ten children and their grandmother, sheltering together in an abandoned outhouse in the middle of an overgrown field....there is so much need but Iris is unflappable!! Calls are fielded daily and no one is turned away.

Her evening blog instantly solves her immediate crises as well wishers come forth with food, clothing and assistance.

And then there is her usual work week, including numerous soup kitchens throughout Bulawayo, requiring mountains of produce to feed hundreds of needy children.

Today we visited the Mustard Seed Community Orphanage in Woodville, where there are over 30 children from tiny abandoned babies, to wee orphans, and dozens of children with special needs.

Mustard Seed Communities worldwide work quietly and steadfastly
'caring for the most vulnerable'.

The home in Woodville, Bulawayo is incredible, trying hard to become self sustainable with produce. In the complex are four lovely homes where warm family units are provided for the children under its shelter. They also have a training facility for both male and female aspirant nuns and priests plus a beautiful Rosary Garden and a Grotto which reflects perfectly the peace and tranquility of the institution.

The daily feeding scheme was underway, 130 children have been identified in this area alone. Masks are obligatory, sanitation paramount, registration is necessary, but often these generous hearted ladies will turn a blind eye to those in genuine need, even if unregistered.

Neat lines of tiny folk queue patiently for their daily meal which today is a delicious meat, pap, beans and vegetables stew, plus a pint of nutritious mahewu, a healthy millet drink.

How can you help

Virtually Adopt a Child - $50 per term or RTGS equivalent)
(three terms in a year)
which covers school fees and uniforms.

Local donations RTGS
Nozizwe Mother of Nations
Trust NMB Bank
Bulawayo Branch
Account 210708472

External Donations
They use world Remit and Western Union for international Donations. In the name of Iris Zemza Nozizwe Mhlanga. 29 Duxbury Ave Bradfield Bulawayo (ID 08 705502 B08) .

Nozizwe needs ice cream cartons or plastic containers for the feeding scheme, buckets, large pots and pans, clothing, vegetables, meat, beans, plus the Christmas season is coming so donations of rice, sweets, biscuits, juice, anything festive, would be appreciated.

Drop off point 29 Duxbury Avenue, Bradfiled, the road directly behind the shopping centre

Please have a look at the photos on
The Official Morning Mirror Facebook Group


Caring for the Most Vulnerable.

An unused shipping container is needed urgently for the storage of goods and utensils for a daily children's feeding programme in Bulawayo.

Can you possibly help
Perhaps some kind soul would even contemplate manufacturing one that is portable....

Please email

My son, MICHAEL VAN ROOYEN, (37) is bedridden with Multiple Sclerosis for 6 years, and is moving to Silethemba Nursing Home on 1st November. His stay there is taken care of, at a cost of USD300.

The monthly medical consumables is where I am looking for assistance please - either in ECOCASH to +263 771 510 796 or in provision of the following:-
6 x 10 MEDIUM pull-up pants or diapers ZWL+/- 1500.00 each
2 boxes latex gloves +/- ZWL1000 each
2 x 500g cotton wool +/- ZWL2000 each
If you should wish to drop off these items with the Guard of Coronation Cottages, he will call Denise to collect on my behalf until I return from work, please feel free to do so.
Warm Regards,
Hilda van Rooyen