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Not much to Yahoo about here today !!

Morning Mirror has been comfortably using Yahoo Groups for several years now and for that I thank the Yahoo team most gratefully. But they inflicted mortal damage on us last week.

Somehow our overseas group and mailing list of some 4500 Morning Mirror subscribers disappeared into thin air. Thankfully the local Zimbabwe servers still have most of the local subscribers intact.

The Yahoo powers that be sent an automated response stating that we had done something which contravened their rules and regulations !!

Now come on, sweet little old innocent Morning Mirror ? We are as pure as driven snow, especially when I compare ourselves to other Yahoo groups !! And on appeal they are not prepared to even give us the time of day, unless we go to litigation.

For some five years, possibly more, Morning Mirror has raised funds and raised awareness for the elderly in Bulawayo. We have had the odd political contretemps but only when really angry, otherwise, we have been sweet as sugar and have tried to jolly along in spite of the hardships that we have had to endure as a country.

The Mirror has raised a considerable amount of money for the Bulawayo Community, not only has money gone to the elderly but also to the animals, the destitute and the orphaned.

The Mirror website is run by the dearest young man in the UK. He is awfully camera shy so I will not embarrass him, but without him and without HeeHoo this venture would definitely not exist.

We have nearly managed to find a suitable replacement for the Yahoo distribution system, and my special Cyber HeeHoo has tried tirelessly for days to find a solution.

The only way forward so far has been to add subscribers to a new distribution centre at just ten subscribers a day (that is all that one is allowed) so at 4500 subscribers, you might just get your next Morning Mirror in two years time !!

Bad bad Yahoo Groups, hang your heads in shame.