October Skies

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I shiver when I think of the first rains,
Standing at the back door
Watching the water pour from gutters
And the cool air giving me goosebumps
The smell of sweet damp soil,
And the joy the rains bring to every African soul
That knows the fear of living through successive droughts
For those of us that lived on the outer fringes of the Kalahari
Feeling it's hot breath
Breathing over Matabeleland
Water rationing, know too well
What relief the early rains bring
To get soaked to the skin
Riding home from school
And the temptation to run into the raindrops just to feel the rain in our hair,
To dance and give thanks for the heavenly abundance
Watching dams fill up,
The grass turning from yellow to green
Dry soil drinking in the moisture
And watching the worry dissipate
As the farmers plan for another round of planting and harvesting
(And paying off bank loans)
Animals gathering at waterholes
And the Victoria Falls in full flood
In this delicate balance between survival and desperation,
We know the anticipation of waiting
And watching the October skies
And listening for distant thunder
And hoping and praying for the rains,
And finally when they arrive
And we are warmly snuggled up
As darkness falls
Listening to the raindrops
On the roof
Knowing it's all going to be all right,
We are safe for another year
And we can lala guhle just for tonight.

Thank you Cyndi Barker - Author
See her Facebook page.


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