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Well I will just have to hurry, my bucket list is filling rapidly, but time is running out!!

The Grand Canyon has always been on my bucket list, and apart from being one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, (so far I have been lucky enough to see three of them), and this is now absolutely my very favorite. It eclipses even our very own Magnificent Vitoria Falls by far!!

The Canyon is almost as big as Kariba Dam ! It is as wide, as long and as deep and it is absolutely spectacular, each view is more breathtaking than the last.

We drove a good deal of the south rim, stopping at each and every view point to gaze open mouthed at this incredible sight, the colors of crimsons, sage greens and ochres are stunning and each vista of the canyon is more dramatic and heart stopping than the last.

During supper that night, a giant screen showed an half hour film of the arial views of the Canyon, and my steak grew cold as we watched open mouthed at the unbelievable sights.

The next day we put on our hiking boots and hiked the East Rim, the place was humming with tourists from all over the world, but everything was done in very obvious harmony with nature and one could never ever say the Grand Canyon was exploited and commercialized.

The hike was onerous, even though it was only along the rim of the canyon, we decided that we were little long in the tooth to do the main hikes down into the canyon proper. However at some points we could see the brave souls forging their way bravely along the Bright Angel Trail which goes deep into the canyon, across the Colorado River and up the far side. That could take days and needs experience hikers!!

Fortunately at the end of the eight hour South Rim Trail, there was a kiosk and shuttle busses to bring the more sedate travelers home again!!

If there is any place on Earth that puts into perspective the grandiosity of Mother Nature, it is the Grand Canyon. The natural wonder, located in northern Arizona, is a window into the region's geological and Native American past. As one of the country's first national parks, the Grand Canyon has long been considered a World treasure, and continues to inspire scientific study and puzzlement.

Grand Canyon is estimated to be five to six million years old, and the three "Granite Gorges" found here contain crystalline rocks created during the Proterozoic Era. The rare existence of layered rock gives scientists a look into the area's history, dating back two million years. In 1858, scientists began to study the canyon to determine the nature and progression of geologic processes in the area. Our own special Chilojo Cliffs at Gonarezhou, feature the same exquisite layering in the rocks too.

A special sight one might be lucky enough to see, and we did, is the sight of a rare Californian Condor! This mighty bird is endangered but breeding pairs are luckily being sighted again, and one of the giant birds, with a wingspan of almost 3 meters soared above us and then landed in all its majesty on a giant rock close by!!

Not sure where the Bucket List will take us next but as sure as nuts it will not be to do the white water rafting at the bottom of the magnificent Grand Canyon!!!