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Moonwalk Marathon

Jan Carew's sister Penny is doing the sponsored Moonwalk Marathon in the UK on Sunday 19th _Father's day - together with 14 999 other women! It's to raise money for breast cancer research and has been going for the last 6 years. Playtex supplies each female with a bra which they then decorate. Some show it off in the flesh, others, like Pen, are more modest and will wear it over the top of a Tee shirt. It starts at midnight and follows the London Marathon course. It'll be on the telly (BBC) the following Thursday.

Composed by Avis to commemorate the decoration of the Moonwalk bra!
"Let's cover your bra with buttons" Jan said
"It should be so easy to do,
Your boobs are quite small
So to cover it all
We'll only be needing a few."
"So please send me all your pink buttons,
If you look, you'll have lots you'll discover
Good grief! Sakes alive!
You've only got five?
It's your boobs not your nose we're to cover."
Jan appealed then to neighbours in Crossways
"We need help, now what do you think!
We've got the answer
To conquer breast cancer -
It's buttons! (But only in pink)
The buttons poured in by the dozens,
It seemed she was on to a winner
"But oh I'll be blowed!
They'll all have to be sewed!
Why oh why is your chest not much thinner."
So the bra and the buttons to Avis
"Together we'll sew and have fun"
So with Scrabble forsaken
and with fingers all aching
We found we'd just only begun!
We sewed and sewed those darn buttons,
A hundred and not one to spare
But having used them all up
We inspected each cup
And the top halves looked awfully bare.
So having run out of pink buttons
The only thing then left to do
Was to make lots of bows
And sit and sew those
Then send the darn bra back to you.