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The Cape Argus Cycle Race had better be on on its toes as a new and exciting cycle tour is fast making its mark in Southern Africa !

The Tour De Falcon is in its third year now and with the amazing scenery and topography that is incorporated in the race, it is fast becoming a hot destination for cyclists from all corners of the world !!

The Tour De Falcon commences in the City of Kings- Bulawayo - where the streets are wide enough to turn an entire span of oxen, and it ends in the Esigodini foothills , fondly known as the Blue Hills to those residents of Matabeleland who come annually to ride this prestigious race.

Apart from celebrity riders who swarm in from various parts of the world, riders of the calibre of Garth Steinbach , Clem Peinke and Lee McNab there are a few local "Personalities" who add colour and flavour to the day.

Kneeguard Roy is always there faithfully supporting his wife who is one of the driving forces behind the race. Anything that Yvonne does she does well and with dedicated and efficient gusto !!

Sostrong Thompson is a grim contender most years and this year we hope to have quite a few "Old Boys" (not literally of course), who have come to Esigodini for the legendary "Falcon Old Boys Weekend"

That indomitable duo on the clockwork orange Cannondale tandem - Dangerous Dave and Reckless Rick, will no doubt grace the race with their own brand of wisdom. The theory behind their attempts to win depend on a complicated set of mathematical statistics wherein "the driving force of adipose mass multiplied by the sum of money in the bank and divided by the force of the wind from the west is undoubtedly a winning formula !!

Serious Lady competitors include lovely Loretta, and sometimes that amazing athlete Bonnie finds time in her racing schedule to partake in the fun.

The race has several categories - team riders, Little People, mixed bags, ladies and men, racing bikes, mountain bikes, juniors and veterans and of course the Elite riders.

The race support system is second to none and past years have seen staff and the public all hanging from their cars and vans with red flags flapping in the wind, hazard lights on and all flashed to on coming traffic, warning them of the enormous bunch of cyclists they were about to encounter.

Of course the TS Matabele Sea cadets are always there with Captain Peter and MARS of course never misses the day,

The competition in this race is legendary as a large proportion of the teams are made up of Falcon Schoolboys from the six boarding houses of this prestigious Zimbabwean School.

Fierce competitors from Chubb, Founders, George Grey, Hervey, Oates and Tredgold Houses band together in fours and practise furiously for months prior to the race.

I gather from informers in the dining room that much discussion ensues as to how to adequately protect the derriere from saddle sores.

And of course a winter's Sunday at Falcon College traditionally has a special glow.

Falcon is good at anything and everything it does, their fields are lush green and immaculate. The planning is the ultimate in perfection. The parents lay on a luncheon spread second to none, the bar offers ice cold beer and wine the mothers usually stage a fabulous craft fayre where exotic crafts can be purchased and laid away for Christmas.

Lovely Loretta's musical better half, (probably after riding the race himself) mans a disco of mean proportions and participants and supporters alike can relax after the race on the Bushtick lawns and enjoy the camaraderie as only Matabeleland knows how.

So come along one and all and join in the fun Sunday 3 July 2006. for further enquiries e mail Yvonne on