Super Duper Salons

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She greeted me as if I was her long-lost dearest friend!!

She was tall and willowy and dressed all in black...

'Please 'gown up' and here is a plastic bag for your 'Purse' (handbag).' she said in her delightful Southern Drawl.

I was at the prestigious Van Michael Hair Salon in Peachtree Corners, Atlanta. (Everything is called peach tree in Atlanta I gather!!)

Not quite like the salon I used to go to back home, everything in black leather, chrome and mirrors with lighting good enough to work by, but also subdued enough to cover the wrinkles!!

Coffee Tea Soda was her next question, I opted for Starbucks Coffee with French Vanilla Cream!!

In the USA the stylist only cuts hair and the colourist undertakes the tinting and colouring of the hair. Once I had 'gowned up' in an elegant black satin gown, yet another tall, beautifully dressed lady approached with my colour specifications from the last visit, made me sign an indemnity form, and then asked if I would like a complimentary hand massage or a neck and shoulder massage

Can you imagine my exposing my Zimbabwe hands to this gorgeous creature So I politely declined her kind offer..

I giggled once again at the crisp new aluminium foil sheets they were using on my soon to be blond, grey bits and bobs!! Brand new and pristine, I recalled how in Bulawayo the 'improver' or apprentice would stand and diligently wash each piece of foil for the next client!!

Once I was festooned, laboriously into my most bizarre 'Martian Look' I was placed under a rotating heater for a period of time and then once my tint had taken, I was treated to an Van Michael head massage. Oooh what exquisite bliss, it took me all my time not to nod off!!

Each of the young stylists had his or own personal brand - hats, plenty of tattoos, ankle boots, chains and frills and furbelows.
They were all gorgeous, all avant garden and all spectacular to watch in action as they turned us all into the gal or guy of our dreams.

My own stylist was a young American lad of Cambodian descent. He wore an his hair tied up in a top knot on the top of his head, with the sides of his head clean shaven. Visible and invisible 'Tats' festooned his engaging personage which was both exuberant and charismatic.

I was in hairstylists heaven - until I got to the check out counter!! This sort of pampering could only come with an extra zero on the end of the bill.

It was an experience to remember .... BUT how I missed my simple HomeTown Chatter and Gossip!!