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HeeHoo has been going on a week long fishing trip with the same group of fellows, every year for 25 years!

There were ten 'Benoni Boys' at the start but the Great God of Fishing has called two of them to his side, and now there are 8!!

On their tenth anniversary, they had a black tie dinner at the Victoria Falls Hotel, (wine red was more the colour by the end of the evening), but a great time was had by all. (Rumor has it one of the Merry Fishermen was dancing with a mop towards the end of the revelries!!)

'What goes on tour stays on tour' is the favorite maxim when the fishing widow wives ask how the trip went!!

Well 2016 was the 25th Anniversary of this hallowed fishing group, and as they are unlikely to see another 25th Anniversary, the Lads invited the Gals to join them this year for the first and only time!!

It was a splendid trip, two days at the Victoria Falls, and five days on the much coveted Catalina. Now this is not just any old houseboat!! It has four double rooms, with two double beds in each room!! It has air-conditioning, all suites have their own private bathrooms, and the Captain, Cook and Crew are superb!!

I felt the ladies brought a touch of class to this 25 year bonding experience!! I mean at least they had new people to tell their ageless fishing exploits to

They have an annual trophy for the 'biggest fish' and for a few sweaty, terrifying moments, they were all worried that one of the Gals might have to lift the trophy this year!!

Oh well at least we now understand why their 25 year friendship has developed so successfully. I wonder if an all female fishing experience would have stood the test of time

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