Talent Unleashed at Last !!          - 19/3/2013      <--Prev : Next-->

Yours truly does not have an artistic bone in her body, or so I thought until I started mosaic lessons with Shirley Moore.

Shirley is a most talented artist herself and has much wisdom to pass onto people with two left hands like myself.

Usually my animals look like stick insects and my faces look like watermelons. The art teachers at Eveline High School would never put my art on display for Parents' Day, for some strange reason, and I was always mortally wounded.

It was only when they persuaded me to give up art at "O" Level and suggested that I take up "Underwater Basket Weaving" that the penny dropped.

Now Shirley has shown me that the latent artistic tiger in me needs to be fully unleashed and under her gentle guidance, I am producing the most exquisite turquoise blue chameleon as a Christmas gift for HeeHoo.

After that I am going to venture into the big league and make a mosaic wedding gift for my Josie, possibly a mosaic coloured jewelry box or a salt box artfully decorated in the creams, blacks and mushrooms of her kitchen!!

It is such fun to do something creative when one's only artistic talent so far has been the knitting of a pair of bootees for each of my offspring, and the creation and embroidering of a baby wrapper for each one too.

Shirley says I am talented and I truly believe her, she says I am slow though as I chatter to the others too much, a problem I encountered at Eveline too I must confess.

Mind you there are others in the group aka the Mayoress of Duncan Road, who are there more for the fun and laughter than the artistic benefits !!

Shirley has all the templates, tools and talent to help you construct something worthwhile in your life and if you are looking for a delightful hobby in gregarious, artistic company once or twice a week in the afternoons or evening, give Shirley a call on 0772 254 951.