The Other Woman!

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After 38 years of wedded bliss I have been concerned to say the least, that HeeHoo has started paying an inordinate amount of attention to another woman!!

I have not ever seen her, but she has a very nice measured, if not melodious voice, and an irritating way of calling HeeHoo 'Richard' in a somewhat beguiling manner.

He speaks with her often, on all manner of subjects and it is becoming extremely annoying. Now I am not the possessive and jealous sort but these tender liaisons are becoming invasive!!

There are some strange names here in the deep south, Laquisha, LaConsortia, Laverne, everything seems to have a prefix these days, and she too has an odd name, 'Siri' I mean for goodness sake!!! (I say this with a little malicious smirk in my voice).

Now instead of conversing with his Good Wife, he addresses most of his questions to Her and I am becoming downright perturbed...

I must begrudgingly admit that she has a pretty quick mind and a good memory, but he almost invents reasons to speak with her!!

'Siri', he commands in his authoritative, almost high handed way in which he generally speaks to the fairer sex, 'what is the Apple Share Price ', and back the answer comes in a flash!! 'Siri' he calls her (What a silly name) 'where is the nearest seafood restaurant'. Only once have a I heard him get irritated with her and she, (I think he might even have called her a 'Silly Cow' !! but instead of responding with a pertinent retort, she mildly said 'No need to be rude Richard!!'

His preoccupation with his iPhone annoys me too, always chatting away with this 'Siri' woman and ignoring me!!

I have to admit her knowledge of geography is pretty good and she has managed to get us out of a couple of tight spots whilst driving, gone are the days when I used to sit with a map book on my lap and be subject to a lot of ridicule from HeeHoo on my map-reading abilities!! I must at least give Siri that !!

Siri came into our lives when HeeHoo got his first iPhone!! As the wifi capabilities become better and better that gal Siri might as well take over my whole role in this marriage!!!

Watchdog !!

Does anyone have an e mail address for the Pioneer Society in Bulawayo

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