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Let's all shout out for Noreen Welch!! She's going to hate me for this but even she needs a boost every now and again!! Noreen was educated in New Zealand although I gather she was originally from the Western Cape

Noreen attended Queen Elizabeth College, Christchurch Girls High School where she Studied English, history. Math, geography biology. Although diminutive in size, she played sport - she was the Cricket captain, she played netball, hockey, tennis and swimming. Noreen passed her university entrance with top marks and received a bursary to Otago university where she was awarded Degrees in English and History in 1960.

Noreen came to Zimbabwe in 1976, she used to call herself 'A Wellington Boot' !

Noreen is an enigma, Noreen rose through the ranks at ZBC/TV from TV News anchor and editor to Deputy controller of ZBC Radio One. Everyone has a story about Noreen, she was indeed a colourful personality. A wicked sense of humour, she got into trouble with the hierarchy at ZBC several times, but she was such an asset to the Corporation that she was always forgiven.

Noreen and I worked together on Radio One undertaking a dual presentation of a Morning Talk Show - Noreen in the Harare studio and me in the Bulawayo studio. Broadcasting with Noreen was invigorating and exciting, she was a brilliant interviewer and my heart was often in my mouth waiting for her to come up with something controversial and unexpected.

Zimbabwe has been her passion since she arrived in Harare in 1976. When she eventually and I both left the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation in 1996, she carried her passion with her back to New Zealand where she lives on North Island in Ohope Beach (voted the best beach in New Zealand.)

Of course Noreen even greater passions have been her daughter Alex and her granddaughter Khayla.

Noreen ceaselessly champions Zimbabwe during her retirement. Knowing that very little news is emanating from Zimbabwe at the moment, her focus is on letting the world know what is happening in our beloved country.

Noreen, forgive me if I have written any correct information about you...but thank you a million times for what you are doing for Zimbabwe. I know you suffer many uncalled for remarks from unknown sources, but we are so grateful for you being one of our very few honest news links to our Country.

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Noreen Welch - Zimbabwean Journalist


For the first time in Zimbabwe, we too join the rest of the world in commemorating the number 1 killer birth defect on February 7-14 CHD Awareness week.

In our own backyards approximately every 15 minutes a child is born with a Congenital Heart Disease and the battle for survival begins.
-lack of early diagnosis
-lack of specialist care
-lack of access to affordable medication and ultimately lack of access to life saving surgeries is the order for these children. Sadly only a few of these children will reach the age of 5years without intervention.

Today thanks to the humble efforts of a family who lost their beloved daughter 3years ago on this very day 21 January 2018 here in Zimbabwe they chose to make a difference and raise the voice of these vulnerable Congenital Heart Disease communities .Brave Little Heart Zimbabwe is the brain child from the loss of Rudo Grace. May her brave little soul continue to rest in peace. It is an organization that advocates for the holistic support for CHD communities through sustainable solutions locally.

This disease needs a multi - sectoral approach in order for sustainable local solutions to be achieved. The ordinary Zimbabwean can not afford the $20k USD needed for a trip to India.

Out of the total population of approximately 16million Zimbabweans if each donated just $1USD a World Class Cardiac Facility can be within the reach of every child born with this killer defect for generations to come

Brave Little Hearts Zimbabwe has partnered Ministry of Health and Child Care to help bring about the change we want in our nation .

Our current projects to date involve;-

Providing anti -heart failure medications to cardiac children
Renovating and equipping local hospitals with cardiac facilities
Raising Awareness on Congenital Heart Diseases
Psychosocial support to parents /guardians of CHD Children
Giving food support and clothing to CHD communities.

Help give Every Broken Little Heart a fighting chance to survive.

Join this noble cause today and partner with any of the above to save a life.

Contact 0771907636
Brave Little Hearts Zimbabwe