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Living in Zimbabwe, far away from most normal things, we had not realised just how big Halloween had become in the western world.

Our first experience at an American Halloween was rather quaint and a little unreal. The stores are crammed with candies and spooky costumes, gargantuan packets of sweets for Trick or Treating, bright orange pumpkins festoon every shop corner, ghoulies and ghosties decorate gardens and foyers.

We had planned to visit an Haunted House where frights abound, but we were actually thrilled to find ourselves at a function at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco.

Now the Cameron Park Zoo has somehow thankfully become connected with Bulawayo's own special Animal Orphanage - Chipangali.. .. and the Director of the Zoo - Jim Fleshman - welcomed us to their annual "ZOOBOO" !!

Not sure what to expect, we were delighted to find hundreds of Little People, Mums and Dads, babies and prams. Witches and wizards, spidermen and supermen, fairies and princesses, they came in their hundreds to Cameron Park's ZooBoo.

While most of the animals had been safely taken far away from the crowds, the Herpetarium, the Vulture cages and The Bat House had been used to their full spooky potential !!

The Waco student population had volunteered to dress up for the occasion, and there were plenty of corpses in coffins, skeletons swinging from rafters and crazy blood speckled vampires doing their "Halloween Thing !!"

Cobwebs and spiders, rattlesnakes and bats, they all did their part to bring the spirit of Halloween to the Waco children (and to lots of thrill loving supposed grown-up folk too !!)

Who knows, maybe next year on 31 October, some enterprising soul will undertake to run a similar fund raising "ZooBoo" at Chipangali Animal Orphanage.

Oh and by the way, we wish Viv Wilson a speedy recovery and thanks so much for all you and your amazing family do for the Orphaned Animals of Zimbabwe.