First World Blunders

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For Mother's Day our daughter gave us tickets to an opera at the The Royal Swedish Opera House in Stockholm. The Royal Swedish Opera House is Sweden's national theatre for opera and ballet, founded by Gustav III in 1773. A truly magnificent building overlooking the vibrant Stockholm waterfront with a view of the Royal Swedish Palace the official residence of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

'Opera' I thought ! To my old fashioned psyche, tiaras and gold lame gowns But I toned it down a bit and set off with the family in a dress and a pair of wedge heeled court shoes. That worked not so well over Swedens perpetual cobblestones but as we entered the imposing Opera House, I saw that I had indeed made a shoe blunder... a gigantic 'Footwear Fail'.

The Gustavian opera building is very imposing with its centre Corinthian tetrastyle portico supporting four statues and topped by the royal crown. The four-tiered auditorium is oval in shape, has excellent acoustics and sight lines. The sumptuous foyer contains neoclassic medallions and pilasters.

We were not in the grand auditorium as I had visualised! The Opera was a Children's Opera called, 'Var ar smorgasen '
which translated means 'Where is my Sandwich ' !!

Thank goodness I had not worn my gold lame because instead of being in the magnificent main auditorium, the childrens' opera was hosted in a rather more intimate setting!
Not knowing what to expect is pretty much the Swedish way of life, sneakers are pretty much the order of the day with the inclement 'Summer'. It only dawned on me as we entered the foyer, where there were rows and rows of neatly placed sneakers and boots of all shapes and sizes.
We dutifully took our shoes off as one is won't to do in First World Households.. but as sure as eggs are eggs, I was the only buffoon in the entire auditorium in bare feet!! Everyone else sported an elegant pair of Swedish socks!!

In my puce faced horror, I headed for the bathroom, and the attendant, who mistook my horrified stance for some other problem, hurriedly ushered me into the WheelChair accessible bathroom.

Short of wrapping loo paper round my feet there was nothing else to do, but to soldier on regardless, but in my distress, instead of flushing the loo, I pulled the emergency cord in error.

Sirens, alarm bells, flashing red lights ensued and the attendant came rushing to my aid. Now even more red faced I apologised shame fadedly and said 'we are not from here' to which the pleasant Swedish attendant replied looking disdainfully at my bare feet 'I thought as much'....

The Opera by the way, was wonderful!!


Our request:

KGVI is in need of a drum kit for our marimba band. Our present one has seen too many years of service and has been repaired too many times! If anyone has one lying around not being used please can you get in touch with Constantine on 0784784672

With so many thanks to the ever generous Bulawayo public.

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