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She Hoo Must Wear Kevlar is bringing her new husband to visit her family home in Bulawayo this week,

Oliver has never been to Zimbabwe before, and although he has spent a lot of time in Kenya and the Middle East, I still have my heart in my mouth that he won't absolutely fall in love with Zimbabwe.

I am so worried about the sorry state of my once beautiful City of Bulawayo. I am so ashamed that he will see all the sad deterioration that has so insidiously enveloped the City Of Kings!! The pot holes, the litter, the broken sign posts and knocked over lamp poles. The tatty buildings and most especially my sad, sad, poverty stricken people.

I shall have to either blindfold Oliver or devise a scenic route by which to bring him from the airport!! A route that avoids potholes and where the city still looks pretty!! My 'A' team have fixed all the potholes in the road in which we live, and I shall ask them to do a big tidy of all verges the day he arrives!!

Admittedly She Hoo Must Wear Kevlar and Oliver live in Kenya and are used to potholes, but I don't care about Nairobi, I only care about my own once beautiful City. I don't care about the poor folk in Kenya, I only care about our poor folk and our potholes and poverty!!

We shall take him to the glorious Matopos of course, that calms me even at my most anguished, I am sure he will love it instantly, I shall remove his blindfold at the very first granite Kopje!! I shall also take him to Zonke Izizwe for an Eskimo Hut Ice Cream, as the road from our house to that shopping Centre is newly tarred, pristine and perfect!

One step at a time ..... our Municipality is doing their best, and I am quite sure that ONE DAY all will be well again in the City of Kings!!