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There are so many hidden gems in Zimbabwe that one does not even know about!!

En route to Chimanimani last week, HeeHoo and I stopped overnight outside Masvingo at the Lodge of the Ancient City.

It was glorious, we had a giant bedroom featuring two double beds, a roomy piping hot shower and everything was delightfully fresh and clean.

The lodge was not exactly bursting at the seams which is a sad fact of life in cash strapped Zimbabwe.

Perched in a mysterious Msasa canopy, overlooking the famed Zimbabwe Ruins, we toasted our toes over a roaring log fire, the obligatory glass of wine in hand, and then proceeded to dinner in a vast dining room with a most acceptable menu!!

A delicate mushroom soup was the starter with fillet steak sauteed in a tasty muscadel sauce with delicate mountains of beautifully mashed potato croquettes as the main course! Pears poached in a red wine syrup followed by coffee made HeeHoo a very happy man!!
The decor is delightful, built reminiscent of the Great Zimbabwe Ruins with exacting chevron patterns, most aesthetically appealing, and as I said within a stone's throw of the mystical ruins themselves.

The soft furnishings were slightly dated but that was the only fault I could come up with.

And at last the tourism industry has come to realize that realistic prices must be charged for accommodation, in order to get local tourists back on sides.

We paid not a bad price for lovely lodge right on the doorstep of one of Zimbabwe's main tourist attractions.

Then of course there is a visit to Great Zimbabwe itself. The mist was lying low over the great walls casting an eerie mysterious glow, the Curator discreetly pointed out a few special areas and then disappeared. It was a truly spiritual few moments in time.