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In one brief moment in time Susan Tsvangirai stepped out of this world and into the next leaving behind her a nation in mourning and a formidable legacy. For millions of us wherever we are in the world, she is and always will be the "mother who gave birth to not only six children but also to a new Zimbabwe". She stood by her man and her family through what we can only imagine as terrifying, treacherous, dangerous and life-threatening years, committed in mind, body and spirit to the cause; namely getting out there and doing whatever it took to fight the good fight to bring hope, love, guidance and leadership to her countrymen and women.

Saturday morning in Zimbabwe was somber. An underlying feeling of sadness mixed with anger at the injustice of it all. I spoke to some of you who were deeply upset and clearly the impact of this tragedy will be felt far and wide for a long, long time. As we go about our days I'm certain that the Tsvangirai family will be in our thoughts, and as such, we would do well to honor Susan's sacrifice by remembering that she dies a true heroine of Henry Olonga's "Our Zimbabwe", of our hearts and souls. She joins the sacrosanct list of those who will never be forgotten in the struggle for the promised land. With her legacy behind us, embedded within her birthright her qualities of love, patriotism, courage, humility and grace shall surely shore up our own strength and commitment to continue this long walk to freedom. Let her ultimate sacrifice remind us to look deeply and honestly into our own souls to ask the same question Susan's life answered with a resounding "Yes";

"In the evening of my life, I will look to the sunset.
And the question I will ask, only God can answer;
Was I brave and strong and true?
Did I fill the world with love my whole life through?"

We will not forget. We will not falter when called to make the sacrifices needed to make the difference so that at the end of our own lives we may look back and know that we did all we could, gave all we could and ultimately helped to spread the light which enveloped the darkness hanging over our beloved land. God Bless you, our Prime Minister, and the Tsvangirai children. Your loss is our loss. Your pain is felt throughout the world. You are not alone. You have never and will never walk alone. We pay tribute to a great lady, in our prayers, thoughts, and actions. We are so, so sorry.

"The healing of evil can be accomplished only by the love of individuals. A willing sacrifice is required. I do not know how this occurs but I know that it does. I know that good people can deliberately allow themselves to be pierced by the evil of others - to be broken thereby yet somehow not broken - to even be killed in some sense and yet still survive and not succumb. Whenever this happens there is a slight shift in the balance of power in the world." - Dr. Scott Peck -

Debbie J.