IS THERE SUCH A THING AS A 'BRAVERY PILL" ?          - 16/3/2011      <--Prev : Next-->

I wonder what the history books will say about the literally earth shaking events of the first three months of 2011 ? Christchurch, Egypt, Libya, the Middle East, and then of course the horror in Japan which has eclipsed all natural disasters for centuries.

There have been terrible disasters for time immemorial, but none has been brought so close to millions of people all over the world with modern film and phone technology.

Is it the end of mankind as the Bible has prophesied ?
Is it the end of the world as Nostradamus predicted ?
Is it the Supermoon which will be, on Saturday 19 March 2011, just 356,577 kilometers from the Earth, its closest in 18 years. Astronomers say an event like this has happened 15 times in the last 400 years ?

Our hearts and prayers go out to the dignified and brave people of Japan during this extraordinary time of the worst tsunami in world history and also in the dark days ahead.

The scenes from Japan seem to us so far away, like something out of the worst ever horror movie, and I wonder how long it will take Michael Moore to bring out a movie blaming it on George Bush.

Or will they say its all Sarah Palin's fault, after all she lives a just a hop across the ocean from Japan in Alaska, surely the crazies will say that it must be a US plot to bring down the third strongest superpower in the world ?
Our admiration must also go to the men and women who are battling with the Fukushima Nuclear disaster, how brave to do what they are doing right now, risking their very lives to save their countrymen ?

Co-incidentally it is the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl this year and instead of looking forward to a more secure world the crazies are planning a Chernobyl Anniversary Fear-Fest.

Watch out for technically misleading photographs and medical claims on the internet, some folk obviously have nothing better to do than to mischief make, while others show exceptional bravery and selflessness.
The whole thing smacks of the Neville Shute novel written in 1957 - "On the Beach" !!

It has been an unbelievably depressing few weeks for the whole thinking world, and then of course, there is poor old Zimbabwe.
When one is away from home, I have decided, its better NOT to go any where near a news source.

I have my computer programmed to get me any google news item that pertains to Zimbabwe. Well that is a very bad plan right now, maybe its better to do the ostrich trick until we get home, bury one's head firmly in the sand until we can see what is really happening.

News about our brave WOZA ladies being arrested daily, news about incredible, extraordinary Zimbabweans being arrested for watching video on the Middle East unrest !

Ministers, Members of Parliament, students, trade unionists, there is no escape from the widening net of fear engulfing Zimbabwe.

There are such brave people all over the world, wish there was something one could take to make one brave, we must all go and take a bravery pill right now !!