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If you need a lift after that awful awful heat, I have a few suggestions.

Now that we have had a spot of rain, go and visit a garden nursery, there is such a buzz there right now.

Its amazing what a spot of rain can do to people who love gardens. Gardening people are generally nice people so while away a few minutes in a green cool place, where daisy heads bob, and the day-lilies smile at you cheerily. Garden lovers are seldom negative and always have nice things to say. There are a variety of nurseries in Bulawayo - Tropica, Instant Flowers, Ma Beares, Granite Valley, Green Gardens, and of course Wrights.

Or visit a pet shop if you really need a lift !

There is a delightful pet shop in 15th Avenue and George Silundika. I popped in today to buy food for our lone surviving ancient little black cat, and I spent a while communing with the delightful plethora of creatures therein.

There were some beautiful pure white homing pigeons, roaming free in the garden, quite tame and a delight to watch as they busied themselves with whatever pigeons are wont to do. The pet shop also has lovebirds, cockatiels, parrots, and budgies, singing and chattering away merrily.

Snakes too, safely behind glass if that is what turns you on, and there are often bunnies, mice, guinea pigs and the like on sale in a most appealing and tasteful environment. Pet lovers too are nice people and you meet all sorts of divine folk there who love their pets and love life generally.

Another well worthwhile "pick me up" is a trip down Coghlan Avenue, there the Flamboyants are particularly spectacular this year. I have posted some on my website and they are indeed breathtaking. Another tree, (not indigenous) is the Cape Chestnut which is flowering at the moment, my oh my, these are indeed a sight for sore eyes. There are not too many around but the one in the garden next door to us is awesome.

My beautiful roses sadly did not survive the heat though, they were literally burnt brown by the sun, but as I tore into the garden to prune, I uncovered a tiny nest full of Bulbuls, mouths wide open in hunger, eyes wide open in fright. Mamma and Pappa BulBul were furious and dived at me screeching in rage.

Welcome home said the agapanthusas they tossed their blue and white heads merrily shaking off the raindrops.