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Here's our list of simple, everyday actions you can do to help change the world (and have fun while you're doing it). It could be doing something for the community like shopping locally, something for the environment like avoiding plastic bags, or something for you, like learning to paint, sing or speak Spanish..

Tick the items you have done to help change the world !

Total ........

01 Decline plastic bags wherever possible
02 Read a story with a child
03 Fit at least one energy-saving light bulb
04 Learn basic first aid
05 Smile and smile back
06 Take public transport when you can
07 Plant a tree
08 Have a bath with someone you love
09 If it says 30mph, do 30mph
10 Turn your thermostat down by 1
11 Get fitter, feel better
12 Turn off appliances at the mains
13 Recycle your mobile phone
14 Spend time with someone from a different generation
15 Register online as an organ donor
16 Give your change to charity
17 Try watching less TV
18 Learn to be friendly in another language
19 Learn one good joke
20 Find out how your money is invested
21 Turn off unnecessary lights
22 Use your will to good effect
23 Have more meals together
24 Put your gum in the bin
25 Use a mug not a plastic cup
26 Give blood
27 Pay more when you buy at charity shops
28 Seize the moment
29 Recycle your computer
30 Bake something for a friend
31 Turn off the tap whilst you brushing your teeth
32 Do something you think you are unable to do
33 Recycle your books
34 Buy fairly traded products
35 Write to someone who inspired you
36 Take time to listen
37 Let at least one car in on every journey
38 Don't overfill your kettle
39 Shop locally
40 Join something
41 Hug someone
42 Recycle your specs
43 Grow something with a child
44 Report dumped rubbish to your council
45 Give your phone number to 5 people in your street
46 Use both sides of every piece of paper
49 Learn more, do more
50 Do something for nothing