Pockets In Trousers

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Its an absolute priority !! Pockets in trousers!! What a question
Men always have pockets in their pants, so why can they not be obligatory in women's pants

I know it's more slimming to have no pockets, I am an expert on slimming secrets, but to insert "make believe" pockets or no pockets at all
I ask you with tears in my eyes..

It's the phone that caused the problem. HeeHoo has always said, if he is to buy me an iPhone, then I must answer it !! Fair enough, but my ears are not so good these days, and the only way I can be certain to hear my phone is to feel it jiggle in my pocket ........

I am not good at talking on the phone, I need to be able to lip read so whats the point of a mobile phone.
Except HeeHoo has commanded that I have one and that I answer it when he calls,

immediately if not sooner..

Which leads me to the reason that I am writing this load of nonsense...

Yesterday, I lost my phone, it was one of those awful moments as I scrabbled frantically in my handbag, with assistance from the kind fellow passenger sitting in the seat next to me, and with the all encompassing assistance of those glowering eyebrows, which only HeeHoo knows how to use.

I knew where it was, it had to be, it could only be .... in the airplane toilet .. but horrors, the seat belt sign had just been activated, and so I could not leave my seat and go and locate said phone!!

I suppose its possibly the only person who scares me more than HeeHoo - the captain of a Boeing 737!!

Fortunately the flight attendant was passing by checking on recalcitrant passengers and their seat belts and I enlisted her assistance in my hapless cause.

An iPhone Left in a loo What possible chance would one give for the safe return of such a coveted item on an airplane of 500 odd people bound for the Middle East

Those eyebrows were getting blacker and blacker, I was squirming in obvious distress as I have a bad track record of losing all things "Apple" ....

But after all what does a girl do when her brand new, super duper slimming, hip- hugging denim jeans have no pockets

It was the glorious saleslady's fault. Yereva !! She could sell ice to an eskimo and she persuaded me quite easily, to throw all iPhone caution to the wind and buy this non functional item of clothing.

And so consequently, not a pocket in sight, I had left my precious iPhone in the loo.......

Sob, squirm, all eyes on this careless wife that tends to lose "all things Apple".

And then miracle of miracles, wonder of wonders, there it was cradled in her smiling palm, thank you to all those wonderfully honest people in the world. My faith in mankind was totally restored, I

I shall go immediately to a mobile phone shop and buy one of those ugly clip on phone carriers that can wiggle and jiggle on my hip without ruining my silhouette!!


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