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Perusing our vast stock of books in our study bookcase in Bulawayo, I sorted out a number of beautiful children's poetry books, prayer books and old favorites for our new Grandson.

But one thing struck me and that was that most of our books are suitable for the Girl Child!!

Casting my ancient memory back to those precious days of reading books to little people, I struggled to remember suitable books for boys!!

Hmmm, really going way back all I could remember were the books that brother Gavin used to read, Biggles the Pilot, Just William and the Hardy Boys. I kid you not, I dug around and there were some of them, the pages had faded to a pale yellow, the book covers were almost withered with age, and sitting down for a good old read, I was almost in hysterics.

Now here I have this beautiful new Grandson, made in Africa, born in America! How on earth am I going to interest him in the Hardy Boys, Just William and James Bigglesworth

We of course will have to resort to dear old Enid to start the reading skills rolling, Even HeeHoo loved Enid Blyton and he is an avid reader today of all things of every conceivable nature!!

Of course we shall no doubt find copies of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, books by that incredible man Roald Dahl and the Gerald Durrell books that Heehoo loved so much. I dug around and found 'A Christmas Carol' which is a must and of course the Narnia books for much later. I was also lucky enough to find some of Liz Mills books at Indaba Cafe and Bookshop opposite Halyett House. No little boy, made in Africa, could possibly be brought up without Nursery rhymes and Verse from Africa!!

Girls We have no lack of girls books in our home, but they will have to stay in situ until the next grandchild

Can any dear reader please lead me in the appropriate Boys' Books direction



I posted an article by Sharon Stead on the Presidential Elephants last week. and on reading the article i was amazed that there was no mention of the amazing and incredible work done by Sharon Pincott, on the Presidential Elephants.

Please have a look at Sharon Pincott's excellent face book page - ELEPHANT DAWN and do yourself a favor and find her brilliant new book - Elephant Dawn.

Here is a link, to the Africa Geographic review of Sharon's latest best-selling book 'Elephant Dawn' - which includes a great little video endorsement that they put together as well. Africa Geographic followed her work for all of her 13 years in Zimbabwe...