THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER.          - 18/3/2007      <--Prev : Next-->


For the past few years of sending our the Morning Mirror I have made it a stern practise to remain apolitical .... however "the time has come" as the Walrus said to the Carpenter.

There are no words to describe the attitude of our people at the moment. Could it be utter despair ? Could it be misery? Could it be submissive surrender ? Possibly it is abject desperation ?

We have sunk so low we are unable to climb out of our "slough of despond" ....

A strange silence seems to fill the land, there is no laughter, no anger, no nothing. We are a nation gasping and reeling in horror at what has passed and at what lies ahead of us.

To put it all in very simplistic terms, In 1993 a gardener earned $300 a month and this could then buy 150 loaves of bread. Today 150 loaves of bread cost $450,000.00 and that same gardener, at a wage stipulated by the Government body, earns $30,000.00 a month ......

We have become a nation of "starers", we stare in horror at the prices in the shops, we stare in horror at the empty shelves, we stare in horror at the winding bank queues, at the lengthy ever present queues for the basic commodities that we are no longer able to afford.

Or we just stare at the floor in misery, poverty and desperation.

Fuel queues are a thing of the past as few people can afford fuel at $14000.00 a litre !! Working on the black market rates this is 50% more than the cost of fuel in the USA .......

How can a working man provide for his family when his bus fare is now $20,000 a day to get to work and back home. This means it would cost him about $420,000 a month and his salary is $300,000.00 a month....... ...

Usually a feisty people, we are all unable to think beyond obtaining our next meal, no time for thoughts of mass demonstrations and protests.

Would we dare at any rate ? Water cannons pour in from other so called "civilised" countries and our once protective forces have now become ugly fully armed forces, who have been given verbal permission from the Top to "bash" all who dare to protest against this shocking state of affairs.

There are some very wealthy people here, bankers, the top uncivil servants and a handful of able entrepreneurs. but the rest of the people are literally starving.

What does our future hold ? We either die by the bullet or die of starvation ?

What is the rest of the world doing ? Yawn..... "those ruddy colonies are so tiresome, that fellow will one day get his come -uppance" ...Yawn....

"I weep for you," the Walrus said:

"I deeply sympathize."

With sobs and tears he sorted out

Those of the largest size,

Holding his pocket-handkerchief

Before his streaming eyes.