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Last week was one of the saddest weeks in our lives.

Charles Namboya Solomon Abraham, Husband of Lucy, Father of Precious, Pretty, Grace and Sipiwe.

Butler, Codon Bleu Chef, Carpenter, Plumber, Mechanic, but most of all Best Friend,

died in the Mater Dei Hospital after a short illness but after a marvellously full and special life.

HeeHoo has never been a jealous husband, he learnt long ago not to put reins on me, as I learnt not to put reins on him ! And so my affinity with Charlie had never worried him !!

Charlie was after all his boyhood friend before I even came into HeeHoo's life.

However what HeeHoo did not realise was that I only agreed to marry him, when I found out that HeeHoo and Charlie went together as a team !!

Charlie was born in Malawi but came to Rhodesia in 1970 where his father Solomon worked for HeeHoo's parents.

Charlie was soon absorbed into that busy household as a Cad for HeeHoo's hawks that encompassed his waking hours, to the detriment of his school work !!

Charlie has little formal education but his worldly knowledge was vast, he could fillet a fish, repair a car, repair any household appliance, single handily manage a four course dinner party for twenty people and bake the best Chocolate Cake in the entire world.

His daughter Precious was born four months ahead of our younger daughter and the two grew up together in those halcyon days when colour was not a problem, they would sleep in the same bed, wear each others clothes, share dreams and they also shared parents !

Charlie's wife Lucy died last year of a stroke, and their little house, normally filled with love and laughter, became quiet and sad.

It is especially sad today as they, like millions of other Zimbabwean children, are suddenly orphans, with no close relatives, no Social Welfare and although Precious is a working girl, Pretty is at Solusi University, Grace is in the top stream at Eveline High School and Sipiwe is just 9 years old.....

Charlie was a legend in Bulawayo, his wide beaming smile, his kind gentle, unflappable manner, has endeared him to countless people upon whom he made an impact in so many ways.

My Friend Tracey, Mayoress of Duncan Road, called him the "Mandela of Suburbs" and that is such a fitting tribute to a man of immeasurable stature.

The dogs are jumpy and sad today , Charlie had an amazing way with all animals.

HeeHoo tries hard not to let me see the tears that well in his eyes at every turn in this lonely house.

The Abraham Clan is gathering at Charlie's modest but once happy home in Tshabalala.

Precious is the Elder now, all of 25 years of age....

Our Home is empty today, our kitchen is silent, our hearts are empty too.