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Our nephew Mark qualified as a Chartered Accountant this weekend and we are very proud of him. HeeHoo and I sat proudly on our way to Chimanimani and counted up all the degrees we have in our family !! We really are a brilliant academic lot !! We have a wide array of degrees from Microbiology to Metallurgy, and from Journalism to Human Movement Studies !!

Especially me ... I have a B.Con (Bachelor of Connections) and I now have a P.H.D (Pot Hole Dodger )

The trip to Chimanimani was delightful, we stayed en route at a small game lodge outside Masvingo called Pa-Nyanda, where genuine warm hospitality mingled with good company and good food. As we left the lowveld and began climbing up into the mountains, the St Joseph's Lilies were out in all their glorious profusion and the hedgerows were filled with lovely summer wild flowers.

HeHoo and I do a lot of travelling and we enjoy each other's company Mom always told me " Marry a man you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. " !!

In Chimanimani the population had increased by one, as Mike and Queenie now have a bonny boy name Matthew, and the village was looking clean and spruce in preparation for the Chimanimani Arts Festival in a months time.

The garden needed some serious work after all the rain and HeeHoo and I did an honest days work before returning home, rather the stiff and worse for wear !!

Aches and pains are becoming more and more common I am very irritated to say !!

I know it is all in the mind .... I know I am heading for a Milestone Birthday .... but I still feel twenty one ... so how come I found myself tottering that night at the Pa-Nyanda Lodge.

Yes, actually "tottering", I know it was dark and the slasto floor was uneven, but really, there was no need to TOTTER for goodness sake !!

Old age is not for sissies !! Just imagine how much pain we would be in if wrinkles hurt !! The only blessing is, that the older one gets, so one's eyes get dimmer and one cannot see too clearly the havoc which has been wreaked upon one's bod !!

Maybe it's true that life begins at fifty ... but everything else starts to wear off, fall down, or spread out.

I know I have loads of experience and wisdom behind me, that should be a comforting thought !! but by the time a girl is wise enough to watch her step, she's too old to go anywhere ..... but I made a mental note to myself - no more tottering !!