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I hope you will bear with me for one week while I hijack Margaret's editorial section to inform you, the the readers of Morning Mirror, of some very pertinent facts.

Margaret has been producing this e-mail journal for some 3 years now. The idea was conceived after Margaret was fired from ZBC for totally spurious reasons some years ago. At the time she was producing two weekly magazine programmes on ZBC with the same name that had run very successfully for many years.

After Maggie's unceremonious termination it was perceived that there was a need in the community for an organ that carried news of local events other that the local newspapers which were being largely shunned at the time. Margaret was persuaded to do something on e- mail along the lines of what she had been doing on radio and hence the birth of Morning Mirror in its present format!

Originally conceived as a newsletter through which to keep the Bulawayo community informed of local events and to advertise local fund raising efforts the mirror quickly evolved into the comprehensive missive it is today with a direct subscriber base ( not including the copies that are forwarded by individuals) touching on 7000 along with a web site that now receives in excess of 50,000 hits a month!

From the outset Margaret has faithfully produced the Mirror every week with no personal gain or reward. As you are all aware there is no charge for advertising in the newsletter but what is requested is that a donation be made to a charity of Margaret's choice. Initially all donations went to SOAP. Now they all go to Edith Duly where Margaret and I are both involved in our capacities as Trustee and Chairman respectively. Edith Duly is a registered Welfare Organisation and is the only Frail Care Centre in Matabeleland. Many of the elderly patients housed there are totally incapable of contributing to their own upkeep and rely purely on charity for their survival. Balancing the books at an institution like Edith Duly which offers full board, nursing and convalescent services plus 24 hour supervision in today's' murderously inflationary environment with financially crippled Medical Aid Societies is a nightmare.

The very survival of the Home relies heavily on the financial support from the Morning Mirror. Since donations have started accruing to Edith Duly in excess of a staggering $500,000,000 (half a billion dollars for those who have trouble with the noughts) have been paid to the Home in direct donations from advertisers in Morning Mirror. In addition, as a result of the appeals that have been carried in the Mirror on a regular basis there has been huge support from the Bulawayo Public and the Bulawayo Companies who have always generously come to the aid of the Home in so many different ways. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you, the advertisers, and those members of the public, and the Executives of the major and minor companies of Bulawayo who have contributed in kind whenever the need has arisen.

Margaret has also used the Mirror as the medium to raise funds for the rebuilding of the Mater Dei Hospital which was so nearly destroyed by fire last year. Once again it proved to be a most effective tool bringing in billions in donations from all corners of the globe.

I would also like to once again acknowledge the help Margaret received from her brother Gavin who set up her initial web site and the incredible selfless assistance she receives from Computer Guru Hylton, who is based in London and whom we have not even met yet; who now administers the web site as well as handles the mailing lists and deals with all Margaret's technical problems relating to the internet. Without Hylton's computer knowledge and IT wizardry Morning Mirror would not continue to exist. Hylton I know how much Margaret appreciates what you do and I thank you.

Thanks also must go to Colin Flemming for allowing Morning Mirror space on the African Herd Worldwide Website and for producing such in- depth monthly statistics.

However my main reason for hijacking this spot from "she who thinks she is in control" is to acknowledge the supreme effort made by by Margaret in keeping this whole venture together. Only I know the effort and heartache involved in getting this magazine out to the huge subscriber base every Monday; the collating and sorting of the masses of advertising and social data that needs to be processed every week , the handling of the irate phone calls and e-mails from advertisers who are not happy with the service they are receiving (fortunately very much in the minority). And all the while playing the role of Matriarch of a family, and a husband, that at times can be exceedingly demanding and dysfunctional!

The production of the 'Mirror' goes ahead whether we are on planes, or boats or trains; whether we are in Harare, Johannesburg, Binga, Perth, Chimanimani, Dallas, Waco or London; whether there are floods, drought or power cuts; whether the drinking club with the bridge problem was lost or won. Nothing gets in the way, and nothing has got in the way for 185 editions!

And for that supreme effort, for no reward, I wish to acknowledge and recognise Margaret's special contribution to the elderly of Bulawayo and to the society of Bulawayo in general. More than anyone Margaret deserves a special prayer and silent vote of thanks from all those who have been affected in some way by her generosity of spirit and public spiritedness over the years.

I know that God will thank her in his own way for being someone special with a heart that has an infinite capacity to care and act, especially for her beloved Bulawayo.

From all the people whose lives you have touched Margaret, Thank You.

Your ever loving husband, who, for the information of the readers, is very rarely obeyed,