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Its rather like sleeping in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 !!

There are so many flashing lights it makes one quite dizzy. If the Price Police came to take me away, all they would need to do is to put me in a cell with continuous bright flashing lights and I would crack after just two days without any other pressure at all....

Yes, I invite you to try out my bedroom just for one night !! Heehoo must have cast iron eyelids, but mine must be made of a a rather more delicate fibre .... and so after nearly thirty years of wedded bliss we must at last agree to disagree.

It has not always been like this.... when we were first married we did not have such a plethora of gadgets decorating our marital boudoir !! In those days of yore there were no lap top computers to flash constantly, painfully, excruciatingly all through the night like a great all seeing menacing eyes that glow hypnotically, nay cybernetically, all night long...

No less than three cell phones festoon his bedside table, not just one, not two, but three that flash in mesmerising hallucinating harmony all night long. (In Zimbabwe one must possess at least one line from all three mobile servers in the vain hope that at least one might work at least once during the average day ....)

Apart from the phones and computers there are other gadgets and gizmos with which one must contend.... palm pilots, alarms, rechargeable torches, inverters, converters, televisions, decoders videos, etc etc etc. all featuring one if not two bright coloured lights either flashing or monolithically, but all cyclopean and never dormant.

And so going to bed takes rather longer than it used to in those glorious days when we were young and carefree.... not only do we have to take our various tablets carefully, make sure the fence alarm is working, the garden beams are working, the electric gate is locked, the generator is switched off, all the candles are doused, the fire is carefully low and guarded and all the non functioning taps are turned off JUST IN CASE SOME WATER MAKES ITS WAY THROUGH TO US DURING THE NIGHT !!

But now Heehoo has been instructed to make sure there is not a single nook, a tiny cranny, a minute crevice of light, shining from any of his electronic gadgets that might interfere with the sleep of SheHoo during those few precious night hours that most geriatrics are treated to in their latter years !!

Woe betide the gadget that dares to beam once it has been put to its furry bed under a handy towel, sock or magazine.... there is no telling what awful fate might befall the Poor Man if he nods off before the Gadgets and Gizmos have been tenderly put to beddy- byes !!

There is nothing I can do about all those radio waves, gamma waves, electromagnetic waves that are rushing frantically around the room destroying what few brain cells we both have left, but at least I can cover up those hundreds of all seeing electronic eyes and sleep peacefully once again.... and with these new extended power cuts....I must be the only person in Zimbabwe who loves ZESA !!!