Masking the Subject

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Masks have their place in this brave new world!! Who would have thought that the newest fashion accessory of 2020 would be the face mask!!

A fashion statement Yes indeed, I have seen some divine masks on my travels and I pay tribute to the people who have to wear them all day long!!

There is so much one can do with a mask! Swearwords are one example, great when one can make mumbled unheard expletives!!

One can also have some face work done, botox, lip lifts, lip plumping, cheek plumping!! Nose and chin surgery!! The world will never know!!

One doesn't require face make up and its saving a fortune on lipstick application!! I am waiting for some entrepreneur to produce masks infused with wrinkle cream!!

I look forward to Halloween in the USA, imagine the spooky face masks then Masks are a serious business but one can still have a bit of fun. It's a great way to advertise too, I have seen masks advertising 'Black Lives Matter', I have seen masks with political slogans touting Trump and Biden, MAGA masks, Nike masks, and masks with national flags! When will someone manufacture masks saying 'Zimbabwe Lives Matter'

Folk who wear glasses and sun glasses will be pleased to know there is a mask with 'Anti Fog Guard' now!!

So much can be learned from lockdown masking...people with eye wrinkles look the best because it always looks like they are smiling. We had a delightful crinkly eyed waiter yesterday as we socially distanced, every other table was taboo and copious hand sanitiser and wet wipes were provided.

People without masks are vilified worldwide, remember we are not protecting ourselves so much as protecting others by wearing a mask. Masks can be made from dish towels, T shirts, Vacuum Bags even!!

Some amusing tweets have emanated from the wearing of face masks - 'Ripping off your mask when you get back in the car is the new taking off your bra when you get home'

'According to my scale my facemask weighs about 7 lbs.'
'I'm wearing a bra today but as a face mask'
'my ears are currently carrying sunglasses, headphones, and a face mask. ears are a purse'
'My fellow bespectacled friends: what's the hack to stop masks and face coverings from fogging up glasses '
'From now on I'm always going to wear a mask to the grocery store, I prefer a disguise when purchasing obscene amounts of junk food.'
'The upside about a face mask is it catches your snot when you're outside and your nose is running because you forgot to take your antihistamine'

On a final note - my dear Friend Tracey once made her daughter's 'O' Level cookery chef's hat out of an old bra, I must visit her and check on her face mask

And of course wearing a mask puts a new slant on the old saying 'Tongue In Cheek'!!


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