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I last knitted an article 32 years ago when our youngest - SheHoo Must Wear Kevlar, was a baby. It was a white lacy little jumper as in those days we were not privy to the gender of our babies!!

Last week, in honor of the arrival of our first grandchild, I took to the dreaded knitting needles once again. It is after all a Granny's duty to provide at least one knitted article for her Grandchild!!

I had forgotten quite how difficult it is to read a knitting pattern though!! One obviously needs a degree in computer programming or algebraic to read a modern knitting pattern.

I mean what would a normal human understand PSSO to mean Or what about YFWD or K1, or P1 Its gobbledygook is it not

My dear friend Lynn lent me the easiest pattern in her not insubstantial pattern packet and off I set feeling most Grand Maternal!!

Now, I am an educated fellow, I can dissect a triangle, I can conjugate Latin verbs, I can translate a passage from English into French, I can consider the applications of common geometric figures in two and three dimensions, but I could not fathom out a simple knitting pattern!!!!

However as soon as I had cast on 50 teensy stitches, it all came back to me, its like riding a bicycle, one obviously never forgets how!!

HeeHoo says my fingers do not fly during knitting (like his Mother's fingers used to) but I am comfortable in my own sedate knitting skin. It is soporific, soothing and comforting to know that one is going to become a Grandmother at long last !!

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