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I grew up in Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, during a time when everyone treated each other like Family, everyone's mum was called aunty even if they were no relation. We went outside to play on streets, built dens and make tree swings, we made forts along the banks of the Matsheumhlope River, we got dirty.

If you had siblings you shared a bath, we didn't eat fast food...we ate jam buttys, home made food and chips cooked in a lard chip pan. We got ice cream from Dairibord if ya mum was flush, otherwise a choc ice from freezer. We played rounders, Hedge hopping, Kerby, Hide and Seek, Red Rover, British bulldog and knock 'n run and made rose petal perfume . There was no bottled water, we drank water from the tap. If we had a drink we would share the same bottle of pop...after giving it a wipe with our mucky sleeves, or we would drink Mazoe Orange. We had no kids TV channels, we rode our bikes for hours. We spent all summer at the Borrow Street pool.

There was no such thing as a mobile phone or any other electronic device. We weren't AFRAID OF ANYTHING. If someone had a fight, that's what it was...a fist fight, but that was very seldom. Kids didn't have guns or knives.The street lights were your curfew or until your mum shouted out of the window.

School was mandatory, but you'd still skyve a couple of lessons every now and then. We watched our mouths around our elders because we knew we'd get a crack, belt or some shoe or slipper.

We were proud of our close knit community and Zimbabwe will always be 'Home'.

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