HOT PROSPECTS AND HOT CROSS BUNS          - 26/3/2008      <--Prev : Next-->

The City of Kings was very sadly totally lacking in any signs pertaining to the Easter weekend.

There were no notices reminding people of special Easter church services, no colourful posters advertising Easter Eggs for sale, no mention of fragrant spicy Hot Cross Buns for sale .... no Easter Bunnies or Easter Chicks of any sort at all anywhere !!

I did not see one single Easter Egg in any of the stores I visited during an "hunting and gathering" expedition.

Fortunately Fred and Maureen arrived with three boxes stuffed full of of marshmallow eggs from Botswana, for the Edith Duly Nursing Home residents, but being the good girl that I am, I prevented myself from purloining even one for myself !!

I did however see a sign advertising Hot Cross Buns for sale at seven million dollars EACH !!

I hesitated fractionally and purchased six only, as HeeHoo and I are rather partial to a toasted Hot Cross Bun for breakfast,once a year only of course, smothered in real butter...

Sadly I suffer from ADCS (Attention Deficit Cooking Syndrome) and burnt the first two under the grill, so badly that they could not even be scraped carcinoginously into sink, and they had to be relegated to the bin.....

Fourteen million dollars down the drain, muttering Ndebele swear words softly under my breath, I toasted the next four satisfactorily, and dripping with butter, we ate our Easter treat companionably, remembering the days when we had Easter Egg hunts on the shores of Lake Mayfair or Lake Kariba, or we used to make giant templates of bunnies feet, around which we would dust icing sugar, leading an exciting Easter trail around the garden.

Oh well, times change, and with one week to go till the election we are all praying for just that - Change.

This week, the remaining people of Zimbabwe have one thing, and only one thing, on their minds.... our Presidential, Senatorial, Parliamentary and Council Elections.

In fact, I lie, this has been on our minds virtually exclusively, since the last election four years ago !!

The City itself is really looking quite festive, as hundreds of election posters festoon every single crook and nanny, every crevice and corner.

From every wall and tree smiles Morgan Tsvangarai, from every electricity sub station smiles Simba Makoni and from every expensive van smiles Robert Mugabe, the latter shaking his iron fist in glee as he knows quite smugly that he will "win" yet again.

But the fact remains that there is absolutely no way we can continue living here without "Change".

We have exhausted all our avenues, used up all of our energy, our coffers are empty, our pantries are empty, our spirits are empty, and if there is not a dramatic turn around in the leadership of the country we will be plunged firmly into a "slough of despond".

Please pray for us all that this madness will end this very weekend, and we can begin to live again.

Oh yes, and by the way, Happy Easter everyone .....