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Why oh why did Mummy Darling name me Margaret I know it was a trendy name in days gone by, everyone in 'those days' was named after either Queen Elizabeth or her sister Princess Margaret.

But the abbreviations for Margaret are horrendous!!

Mags The only reason my e mail address is magskriel@mac.com , is that a very nice lady in California had already taken the name Maggie@mac.com!!

Maggie Who on earth would want to be called Maggie My daughter has even named her car 'Maggie the Merc' and my dear friends Rob and Ali, named their pointer bitch after me!! Maggie the Pointer Bitch!!!! Now come on ......
I even have a soup named after me!!

Other people have exotic names, I wanted to be called Anastasia as a child, as a teenager thereafter it was changed to Cassidy for some obscure reason, and for a while Jessica was popular in my life!!

People have such odd names these days: Vogue, Nirvana, Tea, Reem and PEPPA were the most bizarre baby names of 2013.
Luck, Lohan, Dallas, Pinky and Tea also appeared on list alongside Boden, Pepsi, Dior and the herb Sorrel

Now 2014 saw even more bizarre names:

Marlowe Monroe, Wyatt Isabelle, Sunday Molly, River Rose, Apollo Bowie Flynn, Summer Rain, Saint Lazslo, Buzz Michelangelo, Titan Jewell, are all names bestowed on their unfortunate offspring by filmstar parents!

Forget Paul, Rachel and Simon, today's babies are more likely to be called Bentley, Angel and Junior.

Muhammad is the most popular babies' name in England and Wales, when its three main spelling variations are counted. Amelia was the top name for girls for the third year in a row.
More than 7,400 boys were called Muhammad, Mohammed or Mohammad last year in the UK.

Harley, Bentley and Junior are now more common than Paul, Stephen or Simon.
The rise of more unusual names is indicative of a dramatic growth in the variety of children's names being used, as parents try harder to make their offspring stand out from the crowd.

Girls are most likely to have a unique name; in 2013 there were 35,000 new and different girls' names, up almost a quarter from a decade ago. For boys there were more than 27,000 different names.

As with boys' names, a shift away from more traditional choices has seen Angel and Miley move ahead of Rachel and Jennifer in the league of names, there were even three girls called Disney.

The quest for bizarre names saw television and popular culture mined for options. Game of Thrones inspired some parents, with eleven boys called Tyrion last year and six called Theon in the UK alone. Even Breaking Bad, the hit television series about dealing crystal meth, was used to create children's names, as 72 girls were called Skyler last year, the name of the lead character's wife.
Some names are only popular at the right time of year. Holly, which comes in at 33 in the annual rankings in December, similarly, Summer reached number 23 in July!

Oh well, maybe Maggie isn't such a bad name after all and thank you, Rod Stewart, for writing a song after me!!