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A diagonal wrinkle in your ear lobe may be an early warning sign of ticker trouble. In fact, folks with this ear crease were much more likely to show signs of heart disease during a CT scan than people who didn't have the crease. One theory is that the wrinkles are caused by the collapse of tiny blood vessels to the ear lobe, and this is a reflection of the changes in blood vessels around the heart!!

A growing body of research shows that people with red hair need larger doses of anesthesia and often are resistant to local pain blockers like Novocaine.
A 2004 study showed that redheads require, on average, about 20 percent more general anesthesia than people with dark hair or blond coloring.

Research has found that people with blood type O are 83 percent more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes as those with other blood types. as those with other types. Type A is the least likely and Type B folks kind of sit in the middle of the two. But it's not all bad news for O's: Other research shows you're less likely to suffer from the deadliest forms of malaria-a disease transmitted by mosquitoes-possibly because deadly malarial proteins don't stick to type O blood cells the way they do to other types.

Compared to people who aced a 'smell test', those who struggled to identify some common odors like oranges or peppermint were 20% more likely to die within five years. The University of Chicago study team says losing your ability to identify odors may be a very early warning sign of impending health trouble.