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We took a trip to a sanctuary called 'Wild is Life' in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The Family had recently toured the Masai Mara in Kenya, so we were a little concerned that a City Sanctuary might be a little lame after the Mara !! Well we were most pleasantly surprised.

'Wild is Life' is a charming mix of brilliant management, exotic animals, and absolute pampering. You can sip on afternoon tea while you watch the animals interact with each other, and when the evening falls, champagne and delicious canapes are served in elegant, classy surroundings overlooking the lion, elephants, giraffe, kudu, wildebeest and many more.

Wild is Life offers guests a magical afternoon experience which includes a personal and guided tour of the Animal Sanctuary. Guests are afforded the opportunity to engage with various animal individuals who have been orphaned or homed at the Wild is Life Trust.

The Afternoon Tea Encounter is accessorized with a decadent "tea" of freshly home made scones and cakes. You may well be lucky enough to share your tea with Sweetpea the kudu, or Richie the vervet monkey! The afternoon is topped off with Champagne and Canapes at sunset. The plains game graze close by, the fire blazes, the lions roar contentedly and all is as it should be ... in Africa.

One of the highlights of the tour was an introduction to Marimba the Pangolin otherwise known as a Scaly Anteater. He and his engaging 'Minder' have the most appealing bond, and this rare endangered mammal is closely protected by the Wild Is Life Sanctuary.

'It is a work in progress. It is an ongoing evolution, happening with the passing of time and maturity of spirit. We have become a fusion of humanity and wildlife.
We are not just a Wildlife Sanctuary .. we are so much more! Our philosophy of one by one is reflected in the care and welfare of our animals, as well as the guests who choose to visit us! All are treated as individuals.

Wild is Life is a haven of comfort and seclusion, calm and dignity. We offer an authentic experience of close up and personal connections with our animals, many of whom are rescued, orphaned or specially protected. We choose to offer these experiences with integrity and with a responsibility towards the welfare of both the guests and our wild residents.'