Cod Liver Oil Memories

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When I look at the plethora of drugs and remedies in the pharmacies these days I am always aghast. Thirty types of pain relievers, twenty stomach preparations, remedies for men, remedies for ladies, remedies for kids. Thirty different types of sleep aids, thirty different toothpastes. Hundreds of vitamins from A to Z!!
What happened to good old Disprin
As kids we were given a disprin for whatever ache or pain we had. Disprin for headaches, disprin for any aches, muscle strain or cuts and bruises after playtime. Disprin even for toothache, or a whole clove sucked over the tooth!!

For tummy troubles it was Milk of Magnesia, Epsom Salts or Enos 'When you're feeling low - Eno' remember the jingle Toothpaste was Colgate or the folk who could not afford Colgate used a stick from a plant Miswac.

Coughs were treated by extracting juice from Aloes, rather like Tequila, which might be the very reason for it all!
Sore throats were treated by gargling with salt water.

Our sole vitamin supplement was Cod Liver Oil and Malt, I still gag at the very thought!! Oranges and lemons were our source of vitamin C.

Teabags or cucumbers were used for puffy eyes, prunes for constipation, aloe vera for sunburn, plus Honey for everything else, and of course chicken soup for the soul!!